List: Alcoholics Anonymous Slogans as Eleven Murder Mystery Titles and One Spy Thriller Title
by Mark Jensen (3/23/2004)

List: Random Passages Culled from Novels I Edited While Working at a Vanity Press
by Ken Mondschein (3/23/2004)

List: Grammatically Incorrect Sentences in the Space of Four Paragraphs in One Lesson of the Indiana Aware Driver Hoosier Ez Course Online Traffic School
by Jason Bredle (3/23/2004)

List: Possible Rhymes by Ice Cube After Being Knighted by the Queen
by Grant Vaught (3/23/2004)

Expert Help for Your Fantasy Baseball Franchise: What Will Happen in the 2004 Baseball Season: Part I —National League
by Rick Paulas (3/23/2004)

Twenty-Minute Stories: What I Know of Your Country
by John Leary (3/22/2004)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to Everyone Who, When Approaching the Door to the Office Suite Where I Am the Receptionist, Turns the Handle Down, Then Pushes the Door In, Thereby Causing a Loud Obnoxious Banging Sound, Looks Up at Me With Fear and Frustration in Their Ey
by Kurt Chiang (3/22/2004)

Gabe Hudson’s Dear Mr. President Letters: Batch 13
by Various Letter Writers (3/21/2004)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to My Summer Interns
by David Shamoon (3/19/2004)

List: Gospel Song Titles that Sound Dirty
by Angelo Young (3/19/2004)

List: Suggested Masters Thesis Titles Making Use of Puns on a 1983 Marvin Gaye Classic
by Jenny Kim and Michael Ward (3/19/2004)

List: Frequently Asked Questions About Expungements, According to the Website
by Afsheen Family (3/19/2004)

Traig & McGrath, Shut-In Detectives: Cases 27 & 28
by Jenny Traig and Peter McGrath (3/18/2004)

Interviews With People Who Have Interesting or Unusual Jobs: An Interview with the Repo Man
by Suzanne Yeagley (3/18/2004)

Sestina: Luck Is the Thing We Are Shit Out Of
by Brendan Lorber (3/18/2004)

An Oral History of William Vollmann’s Rising Up and Rising Down
by Gideon Lewis Kraus (3/17/2004)

McSweeney’s Brain Exploder: Intersecting Microcosm
by Carlton Doby and David Jaggard (3/17/2004)

Expert Help for Your Fantasy Baseball Franchise: Ten Tips When Drafting an Online Fantasy Baseball Team
by Rick Paulas (3/17/2004)

B.R. Cohen’s Annals of Science: Vol III: Substance Abusers Are Scientists Too: Vignettes on Auto-Experimentation
by B.R. Cohen (3/16/2004)

Sestina: Death Metal Number One
by Ernest Hilbert (3/16/2004)

Dispatches From Roy Kesey, An American Guy Married to a Peruvian Diplomat Living in China: Dispatch 12: Some Sounds
by Roy Kesey (3/15/2004)

Pattern and Chance
by Jack McGeehin (3/15/2004)

List: Selected Ohio University Undergraduate Honors Thesis Titles, 1999-Present, as Found on the Ohio University Honors Tutorial Website
by Caroline Nagy (3/15/2004)

List: Reported Legal Case Opinions Pertaining to or Mentioning Coleslaw
by John W. Vinson (3/15/2004)

Ghost Stories With Hidden Agendas: You’re Not Yourself Today
by Karen Sneider (3/14/2004)

Analysis of the Batman Theme Song
by Craig Shields (3/12/2004)

Short Essays on Favorite Songs, Inspired by Nick Hornby’s Songbook: “Don’t Worry Baby” by the Beach Boys
by Simon French (3/10/2004)

I Will Stretch Out Mine Glove Upon Judah
by Leonard Pierce (3/10/2004)

Sestina: Galloping Personas
by Wanda Phipps (3/10/2004)

American Dance Crazes That Never Became American Dance Crazes
by Ryan Boudinot (3/9/2004)

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