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The Fabulous Friends: Conservative Christian Groups’ Least-Favorite All-Star Cartoon
by Teddy Wayne (1/27/2005)

List: Imperatives From the Mail-Order Catalog “Collections, Inc.”
by Laura Ellis (1/26/2005)

List: Seldom-Seen Lunchbox Notes From Mothers
by Peter Cunniffe (1/26/2005)

List: Play-by-Play of Classic Sports Rivalries If the Team Names Actually Represented the Combatants. And Also, Instead of Playing the Sport, They’re Fighting to the Death
by Geoff Haggerty (1/26/2005)

List: Psychic Predictions From the Narcissistic Magic 8 Ball
by Danny Gallagher (1/26/2005)

List: Ten Things the Guy at Starbucks Is Thinking While Looking at the Brunette Barista Behind the Counter
by Jonathan Shipley (1/26/2005)

If Bush’s Speech Had Rocked as Hard as His Inauguration
by Wendy Molyneux (1/26/2005)

Sestina: Dear Thrasher: Adapted From a Letter to the Editor Printed in Thrasher Skateboarding Magazine, April 2003
by Sonya Huber (1/25/2005)

List: Famous Names Rewritten in a World Greatly Influenced by the Main Character of a 1982 Disney Movie
by Josh Kramer (1/24/2005)

List: Discarded Titles for George Orwell’s 1984
by Jez Burrows (1/24/2005)

List: Things I’d Probably Say If the Bush Administration Were Just a Weekly TV Show and I Were a Regular Viewer
by Eric Maierson (1/24/2005)

Welcome to Cancún!
by Teddy Wayne (1/24/2005)

Today, Some Lists
by Eric Maierson, Jez Burrows and Josh Kramer (1/21/2005)

List: Amazon.com Customer Comments: Bible or Satanic Bible?
by Steven Seighman (1/19/2005)

List: Leaders of the Hip-Hop Nation
by Jason Feifer (1/19/2005)

Making Reruns of Television Sitcoms More Exciting by Adding a Weapon
by Dan Kennedy (1/19/2005)

The Five People You Meet in Hell
by Litsa Dremousis (1/18/2005)

In Regard to Surviving in a World With James Caan
by D. J. Kirkbride (1/17/2005)

Sestina: Our History
by Stephen Burt (1/17/2005)

Expert Help for Your Fantasy Baseball Franchise: Mulling Over the Offseason
by Rick Paulas (1/16/2005)

List: Songs I Might Perform During a Cabaret Act Designed to Break Gently to My Mother That I Am a Crossdresser
by Melvyn Brown (1/14/2005)

List: Scratch-and-Sniff Books That Have Failed the Test of Time
by Koji Park (1/14/2005)

List: Actual Opening Lines Used on Me by Business-to-Business Telemarketers
by Eric Wrisley (1/14/2005)

“Rockin’ It, Frat Party Style!”: A Short Story Geared to College Students, Written By a 30-Something Author
by Mike Sacks (1/14/2005)

It’s A Lucky Thing For Stem Cell Research That The Following Passages Aren’t In The Bible
by David Ng (1/12/2005)

Sestina: The Vision
by Lewis Turco (1/12/2005)

E Mail Shorthand That Civil War Soldiers Would Likely Have Used In Letters Home Had The Technology Been Available To Them
by Rob Eccles (1/11/2005)

Ladies and Gentlemen, This Is Your Captain Speaking
by Jason Lathrop (1/10/2005)

Dispatches From a Real McSweeney: Cappadocia, Xenophon, The Priest, and All That
by Timothy McSweeney (1/9/2005)

Kevin Dolgin Tells You About Places You Should Go In Europe: The Third Tower Up From the Road: Huanghuacheng, China
by Kevin Dolgin (1/8/2005)

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