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Dispatches From a Public Librarian: Dispatch 13: The Bus Stop Is Near, No?
by Scott Douglas (12/15/2004)

Dispatches From Roy Kesey, An American Guy Married to a Peruvian Diplomat Living in China: Dispatch 19: Urination and Explosives
by Roy Kesey (12/14/2004)

Spreading the Good Word: A Missionary’s Guide
by Wendy Molyneux (12/14/2004)

List: Guide to Determine If You Are in a Jerry Bruckheimer Movie
by Peter W. Suderman (12/14/2004)

List: Now Playing at the Zombietown 12-Screen Cineplex
by John Moe (12/14/2004)

List: Your Seat Cushion Doubles as a Personal Flotation Device in the Event of a Water Landing, but Other Airplane Items May Be Useful as Well
by Tracy Moller (12/14/2004)

List: Films That May Be More Interesting With a Letter or Two Missing
by Steve Finbow (12/14/2004)

Sestina: The Jean Paul Sartre Sestina
by Joe Green (12/14/2004)

The Philadelphia Flyers Have a Time Machine: Installment Two
by Dave Johnston (12/13/2004)

When People Come to Our House, We Treat Them Like Family
by Jamie Allen (12/9/2004)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to Keith Richards’ Immune System
by Litsa Dremousis (12/9/2004)

In the Locker Room at Halftime
by Zhubin Parang (12/8/2004)

Sestina: A Concise History of Leg Amputations
by Stephen Gibson (12/8/2004)

Job Hunt: Day 27
by Jon Fitch (12/7/2004)

List: TV Catch Phrases That Weren’t
by Richard Long (12/7/2004)

List: Non-Recommended Questions for Your Five-Minute Speed Date
by Jim Stallard (12/6/2004)

What Happened to What You Gave Me
by Alysia Gray Painter (12/6/2004)

Dispatches From a Public Librarian: Dispatch 12
by Scott Douglas (12/6/2004)

List: New Slogans for America to Use to Sell Itself to the Islamic World
by Rob Bates (12/6/2004)

List: Things Arlen Specter Could Do in Order to Secure the Chairmanship of the Senate Judicial Committee (In Ascending Order of Effectiveness)
by Austin Sidley (12/6/2004)

Kevin Dolgin Tells You About Places You Should Go In Europe: The Submarine Sights of Copenhagen
by Kevin Dolgin (12/3/2004)

Cooking with Esther Bangs
by Will Layman (12/3/2004)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to Omaha Steaks
by Erik Bowie (12/3/2004)

Ghost Stories With Hidden Agendas: Curse of the Werewolf
by Karen Sneider (12/2/2004)

Develop Your Lateral Thinking
by Jim Stallard (12/1/2004)

List: Deflation/Inflation
by Michelle McKenzie (12/1/2004)

List: Mildly Upsetting Fortune-Cookie Messages
by Sloan Schang (12/1/2004)

On Being a Candidate to Take Over a Late-Night Network Talk Show
by Michael Ian Black (11/30/2004)

Short Essays on Favorite Songs, Inspired by Nick Hornby’s Songbook: “Blue Flowers” by Dr. Octagon
by Zachary Smola (11/29/2004)

Condensed Letters to Penthouse Forum
by Dan Kennedy (11/29/2004)

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