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Sestina: The Sestina of O
by Eric Charles Lemay (11/2/2004)

List: Candidates Running in the 2004 General Election Whose Names Feature Food or Drink
by JC Bellringer (11/1/2004)

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales: Memory of Halloween, Only Slightly Haunted
by Andrew Sean Greer (11/1/2004)

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales: This Is Not the Droid We’re Looking For
by Alex Wellen (11/1/2004)

List: Campaign-Trail Quotes From George W. Bush, If He Were Running for President in 1848
by Sean Keane (11/1/2004)

Daily Reason to Dispatch Bush: The Collected Reasons
by McSweeney's (11/1/2004)

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales: Cinderfella
by Po Bronson (10/29/2004)

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales: A New Motion in Darkness
by Amanda Field (10/29/2004)

Gabe Hudson’s Dear Mr. President Letters: Batch 23
by Various Letter Writers (10/29/2004)

Situation Report From Oz
by James Warner (10/29/2004)

I Lost My Greeting-Card Gig Because of My Drinking
by Dan Kennedy (10/28/2004)

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales: The Blue Monkey
by John Jay Osborn, Jr. (10/27/2004)

Grimace Speaks to a Geneticist
by David Ng (10/27/2004)

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales: Anybody Dead?
by Jake Morrissey (10/26/2004)

I’m Afraid the Children Are Our Future
by John Moe (10/26/2004)

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales: Regrets
by Susan Gerhard (10/25/2004)

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales: The Great Pumpkin
by Norm Augustinus (10/25/2004)

Sestina: Literary-Gossip Sestina #1
by Keith O'Neill (10/25/2004)

Expert Help for Your Fantasy Baseball Franchise: What Went Wrong in the 2004 Season
by Rick Paulas (10/24/2004)

Gabe Hudson’s Dear Mr. President Letters: Batch 22
by Various Letter Writers (10/22/2004)

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales: Halloween: A Love Story
by Rodes Fishburne (10/22/2004)

Dispatches From Roy Kesey, An American Guy Married to a Peruvian Diplomat Living in China: Dispatch 18: Five Things I Like
by Roy Kesey (10/22/2004)

by Andy Richter (10/22/2004)

List: Rejected Names for Smokeless Tobacco Products
by Jen Bingham (10/22/2004)

List: Versions of Well-Known Films in Which the Protagonist Has Been Replaced With Leon Trotsky
by Erick Peterson (10/22/2004)

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales: The Hobo Conundrum
by Ethan Waters (10/21/2004)

Excerpts From Dagwood Bumstead’s Intervention
by John Moe (10/21/2004)

McSweeney’s Halloween Tales: Marv, Fawn, and Me
by Beth Lisick (10/20/2004)

List: Dissertation Titles That Suggest the Author Was Preoccupied With Other Issues at the Time of Writing
by Zhubin Parang (10/20/2004)

List: Inappropriate “Do It” Slogans
by Jeremy Martin (10/20/2004)

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