[Originally published November 30, 2010.]

- - -

Barbie Goes to the Beach

Barbie wears a new maillot from J. Crew. She applies SPF 70 because she recently had precancerous skin cells removed from her bottom lip. Barbie’s friend is a doctor who recently said to Barbie, “Nobody loves a girl with melanoma.” Barbie nodded gravely but, as she stared at her friend, was thinking, Actually, nobody loves a girl with fat thighs.

- -

Barbie Loves Her Life

Barbie’s parents wanted her to go to med school. Instead, she got a degree in fashion merchandising and wears pink tank tops. She has impeccable cleavage. A graceful neck. Scrubs wouldn’t have done a thing for her ass.

- -

Barbie Loves Weddings

Barbie used to be in love, but not anymore because Ken was fucking his friend Kevin. Skipper quoted Legally Blonde to her older sister: “If a girl like you can’t keep a guy, what the hell are the rest of us supposed to do?” Skipper is kind of a bitch. Skipper is engaged. Barbie is her maid of honor. Barbie loves weddings.

- -

Barbie Goes Shopping

In the dressing room Skipper says, “You’re too thin—you should eat a hamburger or something.” But Barbie doesn’t eat meat; she’s a good California girl. Skipper is shorter with smaller boobs. She has always been jealous. Barbie smooths pink fabric across her stomach and says, “Skipper, can you go get me this in a 0?”

- -

Barbie Paints the Town Pink

Once in 11th grade Ken had sex another girl so Barbie drank nine glasses of white zin. She threw up all over the sidewalk outside the party. Barbie’s father came to get her, and she threw up in the car on the way home. Barbie doesn’t drink pink wine anymore.

- -

Barbie Goes to 2nd Base

Once Barbie thought she might be a lesbian. She wondered what the bases were for girl-on-girl stuff. She wasn’t clear on what happened at “home plate” so she googled it. Skipper saw the search later and said, “Barbie, what the fuck?” Nosy bitch.

- -

Barbie Gets Emotional

Sometimes when Barbie is drunk she cries for no reason. Sometimes it happens during sex. It could be because Barbie feels like a slut but it could just as well be random crying. There really is no way to tell.

- -

Barbie Goes to Mass

Three people Barbie has had sex with are currently in this church. They are all sitting with their mothers. Barbie wonders whether any of them have plans over the next few days. Christmas, the season of giving.

- -

Barbie’s Fashion Fairytale

Ken has a really small penis, but he takes her shopping in SoHo. So Barbie hasn’t broken up with him yet.

- -

Secret Hearts

Skipper is always talking about how perfect her boyfriend is. She jokes that Barbie should totally hook up with him so she could see how big his dick is. So Barbie did. For once, Skipper wasn’t exaggerating.

- -

Barbie’s Fairy Secret

Once Barbie and Midge took a shower together at the lake because they’d been night swimming and were drunk and giggly and cold. Barbie thought, It’s a good thing I’m not a guy or I would have a boner and that would be awkward.

- -

Barbie Has Sunspots

Barbie’s bulimia isn’t great for keeping her birth control 99% effective. Ken hopes it’s twins: They’ll be so blonde and tan isn’t that so cute? Two Nordic sunspots, just what Barbie always wanted. She’ll call them Vladimir and Helga.

- -

Barbie the Ballerina

Barbie is singing show tunes loudly as she twirls around her living room with her fifth glass of wine. She runs into her coffee table. In the morning she will not remember how she got this bruise.