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“McSweeney’s and maxipads changed my life. In 2007, I wrote an open letter about Always maxipads and it was on the Internet Tendency for six days before going viral. This is before Facebook and Twitter, mind you, so it went viral by people printing it out and mailing it to each other like animals. But the opportunity to have my work seen and appreciated for the very first time was incredible, and it kicked off my humor writing career. I will be forever indebted to McSweeney’s for that and owe them a portion of the tens of dollars I make each year from said humor writing career. Thank you thank you.”
— Wendi Aarons, frequent contributor to McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

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The Chorus Boy Chronicles


- - - -

From the age of 3 to the age of 23, Brian Spitulnik was sure of one thing: he wanted to be a Broadway dancer. When he was 24, he was cast in the long-running revival of Chicago. Since then, he has regularly worn black mesh before thousands of people. Now the only thing Brian is sure of is that he isn’t 24 anymore.

- - - -
Death of a Chorus Boy, Foretold, Part Two (8/30/2012)

Death of a Chorus Boy, Foretold, Part One (8/13/2012)

Grin and Bare It, Part Two: The Slow Dance (7/24/2012)

Blue, Baby, So Very Blue (6/7/2012)

The Daily Grind (5/18/2012)

The Ballad of Jason Patrick Sands (4/30/2012)

Love, Implied (4/10/2012)

Passover and Over and Over (3/21/2012)

I’m a Swinger Here Myself (3/1/2012)

A Bandit, Full and Hollow (2/9/2012)

Of Mice and Mensches (1/20/2012)

Gone, Over the Rainbow, Back Soon (1/3/2012)

I Will Love You While You Do (12/6/2011)

Hello, Love (11/16/2011)

Any Way You Want It (10/28/2011)

Grin and Bare It (10/11/2011)

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