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“McSweeney’s and maxipads changed my life. In 2007, I wrote an open letter about Always maxipads and it was on the Internet Tendency for six days before going viral. This is before Facebook and Twitter, mind you, so it went viral by people printing it out and mailing it to each other like animals. But the opportunity to have my work seen and appreciated for the very first time was incredible, and it kicked off my humor writing career. I will be forever indebted to McSweeney’s for that and owe them a portion of the tens of dollars I make each year from said humor writing career. Thank you thank you.”
— Wendi Aarons, frequent contributor to McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

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The Long Walk: A Column About Washington


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More than 2 million Americans work for the federal government. Many of them come and go depending on who occupies the White House. Alec Bings is the other kind. Now he is following the GOP primary, and he is following it nervously. These are—for Alec Bings and countless more like him—dark times in the trenches.

- - - -
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Mythomania (6/13/2012)

The Undead Past (5/24/2012)

Jamais Vu (5/4/2012)

A Vice So Mean and Low (4/13/2012)

The Payoff Pitch (3/27/2012)

We Got the Beat (3/7/2012)

The Streisand Effect (2/16/2012)

“Ha Ha,” He Stated (1/26/2012)

Engagement Season (1/6/2012)

The Ballad of Thom Moore (12/14/2011)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Washington (11/22/2011)

Life in the Arcology (11/3/2011)

A Reality Show of Some Interest (10/17/2011)

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