Dear Friends,

Today, August 20, marks the beginning of something wonderful—a two-week-long store-exploder of a sale, aiming to clear out our warehouse (they want to build a juice bar in there, we are taking up too much space, there may be whole forklifts lost under piles of our books, at this point) and fill up your shelves/backpacks/cargo pockets, as well as letting you finish your holiday/birthday/fallout-shelter shopping by the traditional August 31 deadline. That’s right—we took one last chance to look through our vaults, before barreling into a fall filled with more tremendous books than we’ve ever attempted to let fly at once, and realized we should actually try to make some room in there. Fortunately, we’ve decided to do it by making our latest books very affordable. And by getting authors to agree to inscribe them in any way you desire. And by offering products we thought were gone forever, and discounted subscriptions, and free books for those who spend not even terribly large amounts of money, and complete sets (or nearly complete sets!) of some of our periodicals, and many, many other good and important things.

Below, in this very note, and also all through every cranny and warren of our store, you’ll find steep discounts on new and old books and magazines, special offers on favorite titles of yesteryear that are temporarily back in stock, and spectacularly rare items we’ve made available for probably the very last time. So many other wonderful opportunities and lost gems! Read on, and be inspired!

- - -

Limited Edition and Rare McSweeney’s Goods

Out-of-print hits, rare editions of future books, and once-in-a-lifetime chances at signed and personalized titles:

  • Nick Hornby-signed copies of his latest Believer column collection, More Baths Less Talking. He lives overseas! This is your one-time chance.
  • So too is the impossible-to-obtain Panorama—Issue 33 of McSweeney’s Quarterly (only 30 copies available) for $50! Some of the finest journalism McSweeney’s has ever produced!
  • A personalized birthday greeting, made by the McSweeney’s staff for $250! (Email Sunra for details.)
  • An office tour for $250 and carry away some great books! (Email Sunra for details.)

The Newest McSweeney’s Books are 30% Off!

  • Emmaus, by Alessandro Baricco; translated by Ann Goldstein—now $15.40!

Backlist Books are 40% Off!

Journals and Paper Goods are 60% Off!

Discounts on Periodical Back Issues!

  • Believer back issues: $5.00 (single issues), $6.00 (double issues)!

Subscription Specials!

Generous Freebies for the Intrepid Shopper!
(Just email Sunra to claim your freebies!)

  • Spend $200, get the complete Wholphin set (except Issue 9)!
  • Spend $2,500: Everything mentioned above, plus a piece of personalized erotic Fifty Shades of Gray-esque fiction written by a prominent McSweeney’s author.
  • Spend $10,000: Everything mentioned above, plus a personal voicemail message left FOR YOU by a notable McSweeney’s author impersonating NPR’s Carl Kasell and a one-of-a-kind poster commissioned from a McSweeney’s artist, with subject matter of your choosing.
  • Spend $1,000,000: How is this even possible? Did you buy everything? It doesn’t matter; you’ll get everything mentioned above, plus an actual sailboat that we will paint for you.

Get the Complete Collection!

- - -

The angry teenage poltergeists who handle fulfillment at our warehouse are at the ready; there has never been a better time to buy 90 magazines from us at once! It’s going to be a terrific two weeks, everybody!

See you on the other side,