I am growing increasingly worried about our current cultural climate. It feels like a complete witch hunt out there, except in this case the witches are the dominant and structurally privileged members of society. So like the opposite of a witch hunt. But still! It feels like I can’t even show indifference to the basic humanity of another person without being suppressed by the PC Police.

I’m sure you guys all know the kind of stuff I’m referring to. What happened to just being able to hang out in the break room and discount another person’s right to bodily autonomy? It wasn’t a big deal. But now the administrative assistant down the hall apparently has a right to her own person. And the worst part is, she actively chooses to assert it!

Our society is becoming so puritanical. Evidently, I’m not even entitled to other people’s bodies without their consent.

It’s mass hysteria! It’s an Orwellian nightmare! I can’t even verbally harass or degrade people without risking professional consequences. And I hear that in colleges they’re even putting stickers on the covers of books that supply a basic textual warning if the material might force people with PTSD to emotionally relive their most horrific experiences. Where I come from, putting a sticker on a book cover is called “censorship.”

I’m afraid. I’m afraid that if this keeps up, if we have to treat other persons as persons, the human race might not even be able to reproduce itself. How can courtship and flirtation even proceed without time-honored gestures like following someone in a shopping mall for 20 minutes?

Personally, I’d just like to be able to walk down the street again and not have to worry about the existence of other people as subjects. I miss the good old days where I could entertain my infantile delusions of omnipotence unhampered by an awareness of other beings and their rights.