A Moment in the Sun by John Sayles





Our Islands and Their People, Vol. I and II
Harpers’ Pictorial History of the Spanish War
Men at Arms: The Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection — de Quesada
Neely’s Photographs — Fighting in the Philippines
The Shadow of Glory — Ward
Recuerdos de Filipinas — Laureano
The Philippine Reaction to American Rule 1901-1913 — Salamanca
Interesting Manila — Miller
We Thought We Could Whip Them in Two Weeks — Trafton
I Walked With Heroes — Carlos P. Romulo
The Forbidden Book — de la Cruz and Toribio
Yesterdays in the Philippines — Stevens
The Young Aguinaldo — Quirino
The True Version of the Philippine Revolution — Emilio Aguinaldo
The War Against the Americans — Mojares
The Tinio Brigade — Ochoso
Pio de Pilar and Other Heroes — Ochoso
Viva Isabelo Abaya! — Ochoso
Ilocano Responses to American Agression 1900-1901 — Scott
Miguel Malvar and the Philippine Revolution — Abaya and Karganilla
General Mariano Llanera — Soriano
The Tayabas Chronicles 1886-1907 — Berthelsen
Leyte: The Philippine-American War — Imperial
The I Stories — de Viana
The Religion of the Katipunan — Isabelo de los Reyes
The Filipino Martyrs — Sheridan
The Hills of Sampaloc — Benito Legarda Jr.
Working Women of Manila in the Nineteenth Century — Camagay
An Epistle of a Friar—Prisoner in 1898-1900
A Question of Heroes — Nick Joaquin
Magdalo — Skillen
Heroes and Villains — Nakpil
Manila Envelopes — Telfer
Ciudad Murada — Torres
The Rise and Fall of Antonio Luna — Vivencio Jose
Vestiges of War — Shaw and Francia
The History of the Burgis — Francisco and Carriola
Soldiers in the Sun — Sexton
“Benevolent Assimilation” — Miller
Sitting in Darkness — Bain
An Army for Empire — Cosmas
Malolos: The Crisis of the Republic — Agoncillo
In Our Image: America’s Empire in the Philippines — Karnow
The Philippine War 1899-1902 — Linn
Uncle Sam’s Boys in the Philippines — Hancock
Muddy Glory — Roth
The Boys of ’98 — Walker
Gentleman Soldier — McCallus
In Memorium – Lewis W. Carlisle (diary)
Buffalo Soldiers of Huachuca — Finley
Iron Riders — Sorenson
The Little War of Private Post — Charles Johnson Post
Hemingway’s Key West — McIver
Campaigning in Cuba — Kennan
San Juan 1898 — Konstam
The Unwept — Scott
Key West and the Spanish American War — Langley
Our War with Spain for Cuba’s Freedom — Trumbull White
El Sitio de Manila, 1898 — Juan Toral
The Story of the Philippines and Our New Possessions — Murat Halstead
Smoked Yankees and the Struggle for Empire — Gatewood
Little Brown Brothers — Wolff
Black Americans and the White Man’s Burden — Gatewood
Colorado’s Volunteer Infantry in the Philippine Wars, 1898-1899 — Hunt
Just Outside Manila — Frank Harper
Buffalo Soldier Regiment — Nankivell
Honor and Slavery — Kenneth Greenberg
Bonifacio’s Bolo — Ambeth Ocampo
Women in the Philippine Revolution — Rafaelita Soriano
Murdering McKinely — Eric Rauchway
Haunted by Empire — Ann Laura Stoler
Agents of Apocalypse — de Bevoise
China Journal 1889-1900 — Eva Jane Price
Plain Folk — Katzman and Tuttle
Strength Through Struggle — Reaves
Wilmington, A Pictorial History — Russell
Democracy Betrayed — Cecelsky and Tyson
Cape Fear Lost — Black
Timber Line — Gene Fowler
Soapy Smith’s Creede — Feitz
The Skagway Story — Clifford
Good Time Girls — Morgan
Klondike Women — Mayer
Skid Road — Morgan
Cripple Creek Days — Mabel Barbara Lee
Boston’s Boxing Heritage 1882-1955 — Smith
The Classical Pugilism and Bare—Knuckle Boxing Companion — Shannon
Donovan’s Science of Boxing
A Pickpocket’s Tale — Gilfoyle
Satan’s Circus — Dash
American Eve — Uruburu
Rogues’ Gallery — Inspector Thomas Byrnes
Low Life — Luc Sante
The Gangs of New York — Ashbury
Five Points — Ambinder
Gangsters and Goldiggers — Charyn
Beyond the Lines — Brown
Reading American Photographs — Trachtenberg
The Color of Horses — Ben K. Green
The Horse in the City — McShane and Tarr
1894-95 Montgomery Ward Catalogue
America 1900 — Crichton
How the Other Half Lives — Riis
Cheap Amusements — Peiss
Children of the City — Nasaw
The Emergence of Cinema — Nusser
From Peep Show to Palace — Robinson
From the Bowery to Broadway — Fields and Fields
The Reckless Decade — Brands
1898 The Birth of the American Century — Traxel
The Correspondents’ War — Brown
In the Days of McKinley — Leech
Within Prison Walls — Osborne
Coxey’s Army — Schwantes
Linotype Instruction Book — Rogers
Around the Pan — Fleming


Mark Twain — A Life — Powers
Stephen Crane — Stallman
Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp— Their Colorado Careers — Churchill
The Double Life of Stephen Crane — Benfey
Damon Runyon, A Life — Jimmy Breslin
Soapy Smith — Sauerwine
The Chief: The Life of William Randolph Hearst — Nasaw
Billy Bitzer, His Story — Bitzer
Thomas Dixon and the Birth of Modern America — Gillespie and Hall


The Marrow of Tradition – Charles W. Chestnutt
The War Prayer — Mark Twain
Collected Works — Rudyard Kipling
Essays — Mark Twain
The Road — Jack London
Stories of Boxing — Jack London
El Filibusterismo — José Rizal
Noli Me Tangere — José Rizal
Voyeurs and Savages — Alfred Yuson
Mr. Dooley in Peace and War — Finley Peter Dunne
Wounds in the Rain — Stephen Crane
The Open Boat — Stephen Crane
Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man — James Weldon Johnson
The Sport of the Gods — Paul Dunbar
The Leopard’s Spot — Thomas Dixon
The Jungle — Sinclair Lewis
Sister Carrie — Theodore Dreiser
Main-Travelled Roads — Hamlin Garland
McTeague — Frank Norris
People You Know — George Ade
The Awakening — Kate Chopin
Wolfville Yarns — Alfred Henry Lewis
Guys and Dolls and Other Stories — Damon Runyon


Philippine—American War, 1899—1902 by Arnaldo Dumindin
Susan Eck