We’re embarking on a journey to de-mythify our strange and sometimes confusing planet. To enter, grab a copy of Lemony Snicket and Lisa Brown’s new book, 29 Myths on the Swinster Pharmacy, to discover 29 myths about the mysterious establishment known as the Swinster Pharmacy. Then send the question from your life that you would most like answered to:

McMullens Myths
849 Valencia Street
San Francisco CA 94110

(or to letters@mcsweeneys.net)

Just like the protagonists in 29 Myths, your questions can take on any form, from the smallest observations of everyday life to the big philosophical questions that keep you awake at night. For example: “What’s up with adults?” or “Is candy for dinner actually illegal or did my mom make that up?” or “Why’s Waldo?”

The ELEVEN BEST MYTHS will win an award!

10 second place winners will have his or her question answered by McSweeney’s staffers and a “notarized” certificate acknowledging the busting of your myth.

1 LUCKY FIRST PRIZE WINNER WILL GET HIS OR HER MYTH BUSTED BY ADAM SAVAGE AND JAMIE HYNEMAN OF MYTHBUSTERS FAME. That’s right—two mythbusting professionals will send you a handwritten note answering your question! This winner will also receive a goodie bag of McSweeney’s McMullens kids’ books.

-Myths must be kid-friendly and sent in by August 31st.
-Must have a copy of 29 Myths to enter (you can buy one at your local indie bookstore, or the McSweeney’s Store. For proof of purchase, include a note about your favorite part of the book when you write in).