McSweeney’s Kids Week!


This fall, McSweeney’s is publishing three new books for young readers: This Bridge Will Not Be Gray from Dave Eggers and Tucker Nichols, Awake Beautiful Child from Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Gracia Lam, and The Defiant by M. Quint. To show our love of young readers (and their parents!) we’re running special content on the Tendency all week, from new humor to contests to behind-the-scenes interviews, while putting select children’s book bundles for sale on our store site.

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Join Our Moms Group for Moms Who Don’t Want to Talk About Being Moms
by Katie Schorr

Two Brilliant Kids Interview M. Quint About Her Debut Novel, The Defiant
by M. Quint

Teenage Slang: An Essential Guide for Parents
by Ralph Jones

Is There a Parenting Expert On This Plane?
by Kimberly Harrington

A McSweeney’s Books Preview of Castle On the River Vistula, the Final Book of Michelle Tea’s Chelsea Trilogy
by Michelle Tea

Maybe I Should Stop Bringing Up My Cat So Much When People Tell Me Stories About Their Kids
by Jory John

Foolproof Ways to Get Your Toddler to Wear Socks
by Jeremy Blachman

I’m Taking My Child to Toddler Yoga So That When He Grows Up He Will Conquer the Fucking World
by Chas Gillespie

Behind the Scenes of This Bridge Will Not Be Gray With Tucker Nichols
by Dan McKinley

An Open Letter to All of the Daughters
by Patton Halliday Quinn

Ways to Get Thrown Out of a Waldorf School Parent/Teacher Class
by Crystal Schachter

Is Your Baby an Asshole?
by Jessica Allen

Alphabetically Organized Strangers: A Contest from Amy Krouse Rosenthal and McSweeney’s
by McSweeney’s Books

Other Vehicular Styles of Parenting
by Shannon Reed

Screen Time: An FAQ
by Julie Vick

A McSweeney’s Books Preview of The Expeditioners and the Treasure of Drowned Man’s Canyon
by S.S. Taylor

My Son is Bad at Checkers
by Stephen Tompkins

Rejected Titles for Kids Say the Darndest Things
by Simon Pinkerton