Support Racial Justice Orgs

The movement for racial justice needs you at protests, and needs you to vote — but it also could use your donations. There are so many organizations that have long been in the fight, and now more than ever, they need your funds to keep the momentum. Here’s the beginning of a list we’ll be adding to regularly.

Sales and Marketing Intern


Sales and Marketing:

The Sales and Marketing intern will assist the Director of Sales and Marketing with the marketing of all forthcoming titles and with engaging an ever-growing community of readers and supporters.


Writing marketing copy for our store site, sale e-mails, and social media pages
Taking initiative in brainstorming and assisting with creative sales/marketing projects
Working various pop-ups, bookfairs, and other off-site sales events with the Marketing Director
Engaging with our Kickstarter and social media community, and tracking online social media activity through Google Analytics
Assisting with mailings to subscribers of our various book clubs

Ideal Skills and Qualifications:

Experience with Google Analytics and social media marketing is a high plus

Excellent writing and copy-editing skills, and a deep understanding of the McSweeney’s voice

Strong computer skills with an understanding of Microsoft Office, especially Excel

Very comfortable with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, experience with Kickstarter is helpful

How to Apply: