Dispatches from Montevideo

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Patrick Madden, of Brigham Young University and Vermont College of Fine Arts, spent the end of 2012 on a Fulbright Fellowship in Uruguay with his family, teaching some seminars and writing some essays.

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In Which Charles Darwin Takes/Leaves a Bath (5/28/2013)

In Which the President Challenges Consumerism, Even the Kind I’m Living (3/22/2013)

In Which Eduardo Galeano Extrapolates Troubling Questions from the Newtown School Massacre (1/14/2013)

In Which the Sun Bursts Through Clouds, Again (12/3/2012)

In Which the Essayist Rides the Bus, Offering Great Ideas for Technological Innovations (11/16/2012)

In Which We Consider the Glorious History of Uruguayan Soccer, and Ball Bearings. (11/5/2012)

In Which the Essayist Attends a Concert (10/11/2012)

In Which the Madden Family Flies to Montevideo and Plays the Uruguayan Lottery (9/25/2012)

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