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McSweeney’s Internships.


What To Expect:
Internships and volunteer positions for McSweeney’s are haphazard, disorganized, and entirely unpaid. On the other hand, our interns and volunteers generally seem to have a good experience, and they learn a lot about the daily workings of a haphazard and disorganized independent publisher. They also receive free books, not to mention our gratitude. No one is ever asked to get coffee for anyone else, and there tends to be donuts in the morning.

Who We Are:
McSweeney’s is an independent publisher in San Francisco committed to discovering outstanding new writing from all over the world and presenting it in ways that celebrate its worth and extend its reach. As a small press, we rely on the help of our volunteers and interns to pursue ambitious literary projects­­—projects that take risks, that support ideas beyond the mainstream marketplace, and that nurture emerging work.

What We’re Looking For:
We offer focused departmental internships, although by no means does this mean the work will be limited in any way. We welcome our interns and volunteers to pursue their interests with McSweeney’s. Currently, we’re seeking two interns for the following roles: Social Media and Events, Sales and Marketing. We’re currently seeking to fill these internships immediately.

Although these are the focused roles, each intern and volunteer should carry a strong editorial background and a passion for publishing. Each candidate should be comfortable in reading submissions, fact checking, writing headlines and lists, and research.

Interns must be at least in the third or fourth year of their undergraduate degree, and based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We welcome higher-level applicants for our volunteer positions. The role requires a commitment of 15-20 hours per week, for around four months. We’re flexible of when those hours take place. Ideally, we’d love to have you in the office during our operating hours (Monday through Friday, 9 AM through 5 PM), so that we can really get to know you but respect that sometimes that’s not always easy.

How To Apply: