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McSweeney’s Internships.


Internships for McSweeney’s and The Believer are haphazard, disorganized, and entirely unpaid. On the other hand, interns generally seem to have good experiences, and they learn a lot about the daily workings of a haphazard and disorganized independent publisher. They also receive free books, not to mention our gratitude. Duties include reading submissions, checking facts, writing headlines and lists, research, and going to the post office. Post-office trips aren’t a huge percentage of the job, but they are one of its spiritual cores and must be undertaken with extreme enthusiasm. However, no one is ever asked to get coffee for anyone else.

If you are interested in being an intern, send a brief e-mail to interns-sf@mcsweeneys.net discussing relevant experience, why McSweeney’s in particular, what you hope to get out of the internship, your favorite McSweeney’s books or periodicals, and when you’ll be available. Please include a resume. Interns must be at least eighteen years old, able to get college credit for the internship, and based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Applications for the internship program are currently closed.