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McSweeney’s is an independent publisher in San Francisco committed to discovering outstanding new writing from all over the world and presenting it in ways that celebrate its worth and extend its reach. As a small press, we rely on the help of our members and donors to pursue ambitious literary projects­­—projects that take risks, that support ideas beyond the mainstream marketplace, and that nurture emerging work.

Donations are tax-deductible* and support the discovery, production, and distribution of new books and periodicals, as well as new humor writing published on our website daily.

All our memberships include other rewards, as well. Please scroll down for a complete list of options. Your contribution will make a meaningful and immediate difference for McSweeney’s, and we’re profoundly grateful for your help.

If you have questions please contact Amanda Uhle.

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Fully Tax-deductible Donation
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Members at this level will receive:

Special discounts in our online store
Chances to win excellent McSweeney’s prizes in our monthly member giveaways
Discounts and early access to McSweeney’s events
Invitations to exclusive members-only gatherings
Official McSweeney’s Member Card
Our everlasting gratitude
Become a McSweeney’s Member
Members at this level will receive:

Staff pick of both a classic issue of McSweeney’s Quarterly and The Believer
McSweeney’s Tote Bag

Become a McSweeney’s Member
Members at this level will receive all the
$100 level perks, plus:

Four complimentary copies of our most recent & forthcoming publications

Become a McSweeney’s Member

Patrons’ Circle

Members at this level will receive:

Complimentary ticket to a 5-hour group workshop, organized by McSweeney’s editors, or our annual author luncheon. (Travel not included.)

Become a Pivotal Character
Members at this level will receive:

Two complimentary tickets to our annual author luncheon (or writing workshop) & a hand-picked bundle of classic McSweeney’s publications.

Become a Pivotal Character
Members at this level will receive:

The Best-of McSweeney’s Library. Beautify your home or office shelves with our 3 best-of collections, 4 classic issues of McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, 5 McSweeney’s books, 6 classic issues of The Believer, a complete collection of our Poetry Series, and a Tom Hanks and Dave Eggers’ signed edition of A Hologram for the King.

Become a Profoundly Likable Protagonist
Members at this level will receive:

McSweeney’s editors and special guests will join you for a private patrons’ gathering to help raise funds for forthcoming projects, to be held at your house or favored location. (Travel and arrangements not included.)

Become an Impresario
Members at this level will receive the
$1,000 level perks, plus:

A commissioned painting or illustration from a McSweeney’s artist.

Become an Instant Classic
Members at this level will receive the
$1,000 level perks, plus:

Sponsor an upcoming McSweeney’s title—your name (or an in honor of) will be printed in the book and on all McSweeney’s media platforms.

Become an Unforgettable Hero
Limited edition: Ends December 31, 2016
Members at this level will receive:

As a founding member of our Giving Circle, you will be invited to an intimate gathering hosted by founder Dave Eggers. You will also receive an invitation to sit on our Advisory Council, four tickets to our annual author luncheon, VIP access to all McSweeney’s events, and recognition in each year’s first issue of The Believer and Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern.

Become a Giving Circle Founder
McSweeney’s is a fiscally sponsored project of SOMArts, a non-profit organization. Online contributions for the charitable purposes of McSweeney’s will be processed by PayPal and made payable to SOMArts. The fair-market value of the $100 Membership is $55. The fair-market value of the $250 Membership is $155. The fair-market value of a $500 Pivotal Character Membership is $500 and a $1000 Pivotal Character is $1000 (no deduction for gift). The fair-market value of a Profoundly Likable Protagonist $2,500 Patrons’ Membership is $1500, the $2,500 Impresarios’ Circle level fair-market value is $150, and the $5,000 Instant Classic Patrons’ Membership fair-market value is $2,650. The $10,000 Giving Circle Founder fair-market value is $2,650 and the $10,000 Unforgettable Hero fair-market value is $1,000. Any contribution above the value of the awards received is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.