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FLIP: A Column About Skateboarding

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Joel Rice is still coping with the sobering reality that he never became a professional skateboarder. He now writes this column about skateboarding and is a regular contributor to ESPN.com. In addition, his work has appeared in the Believer, ESPN The Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and The Skateboard Mag.

- - - -
Column 26: Theories of Literature: An Interview with Mike Christie, Author of If I Fall, If I Die. (3/25/2015)

Column 25: Towards a Literature of Skateboarding: Book Reviews as Well as a Brief Comment from David Foster Wallace on a Supposedly Fun Thing (7/17/2014)

Column 24: All That Jazz: Skateboarding Comes to SFJazz Center (7/29/2013)

Column 23: An Interview With Tommy Carroll, a Blind Skateboarder (1/9/2013)

Column 22: Tony Hawk Rad Science (8/20/2012)

Column 21: An Interview With Whit Stillman, Filmmaker (4/23/2012)

Column 20: An Interview With Michael Burnett, Editor of Thrasher Magazine (4/9/2012)

Column 19: An Introduction to Literature, Part IV (1/25/2012)

Column 18: The Last Toy Machine Demo of the Summer (10/17/2011)

Column 17: An Interview with Circe Wallace, Agent (9/19/2011)

Column 16: An Interview With Cole Louison, Author of The Impossible (7/19/2011)

Column 15: An Introduction to Literature, Part III (5/24/2011)

Column 14: An Introduction to Literature, Part II (2/7/2011)

Column 13: Half of California: Notes for an Unwritten Review of the New Tony Hawk CEO Book (10/29/2010)

Column 12: An Introduction to Literature (10/8/2010)

Column 11: A Visit to a Skate Plaza (9/21/2010)

Column 10: 900 (9/1/2010)

Column 9: Fun for the Whole Family (7/9/2010)

Column 8: An Interview with Chris Cole, Noted Professional Skateboarder (4/10/2010)

Column 7: What We Talk About When We Talk About Skateboarding (2/5/2010)

Column 6: What I Talk About When I Talk About Skateboarding (11/24/2009)

Column 5: Ed Templeton, Professional Skateboarder/Atheist (10/2/2009)

Column 4: An Interview with Lukas Korver, Principal Director of Photography for the Television Show, The Uprising (8/19/2009)

Column 3: An Interview with Christian Hosoi, Professional Skateboarder/Pastor (7/29/2009)

Column 2: Afghanistan’s First Skateboard School: An Interview with Founders Oliver Percovich and Sharna Nolan (6/5/2009)

Column 1: Skateboarder: An Interview with Writer Bret Anthony Johnston (1/14/2009)

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