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Editor’s Note: As of August 14, 2006, we are no longer accepting sestina submissions.

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O Light, Red Light
by Cathy Park Hong (2/6/2007)

How to Build a Sestina Template in Microsoft Excel
by Daniel Ari (2/1/2007)

Spanish Sestina
by Mike McShane (1/23/2007)

by Michael Quattrone (1/10/2007)

I’m Obsessed With My Wife
by Nicole Steinberg (12/12/2006)

by Kiki Petrosino (12/6/2006)

Spaghetti Western Sestina
by Richard Peabody (11/27/2006)

Invitation to the BLSA Dinner: Friday, November 5, 8:00 P.M., College of William and Mary
by Ruthanne Doetzer (11/20/2006)

Sestina (Derailed)
by Robert C. Mooney (11/13/2006)

The Liftings and the Fallings
by Jonah Winter (11/6/2006)

Beyond January
by Jenna Cardinale (10/23/2006)

Fundamentals of Reinsurance
by Chad McCracken (10/16/2006)

The 13th-Hour Session: Discussions on the Rapture Debacle: 11:59 pm
by Andrew Neuendorf (10/9/2006)

A Domestic Sestina
by Deirdre O'Connor (9/26/2006)

The Forest of Barbaric Sestinas
by Daniel Borzutsky (9/19/2006)

How to Live Large: A Debate
by Anna Guzon (9/12/2006)

To My Friend, the Christian Pop Star in Nashville
by K. Judith Mowrer (8/15/2006)

A Wrinkle in Time
by Ange Mlinko (8/6/2006)

by David Koehn (7/24/2006)

Sestina for the Working Mother
by Deborah Garrison (7/17/2006)

Flown the Parrots of Averse Writing
by Heidi Lynn Staples (7/10/2006)

Sestina to Wheateena
by Ned Rust (6/19/2006)

Encountering Plague, the Virgin, and Saint Sebastian
by Stephen Gibson (6/13/2006)

Hitler Sestina
by Peter Davis (6/6/2006)

Sestina With Clementines, Beer, and Guitar
by Christopher Louvet (5/30/2006)

(with fire): A Twin Peaks Sestina
by Chip Livingston (5/16/2006)

dark fossils enough to sing of dotted orchids
by Camille Martin (5/9/2006)

by Michael Quattrone (5/3/2006)

The Seven Signs
by Leonard Kress (4/25/2006)

Two Voices in the Pitch Black
by Julie Larios (4/17/2006)

The One Where the Cake Ignites
by Jon Stone (4/17/2006)

Jewish Food
by Joan Larkin (4/13/2006)

by Lewis Turco (4/6/2006)

2006 MotoGP Season Preview Sestina
by Patrick Masterson (3/13/2006)

Of Bullshit
by Jay Snodgrass (3/6/2006)

How Duggan Knew
by Ravi Shankar (2/27/2006)

Liner Notes for an Imaginary Playlist
by Terrance Hayes (2/20/2006)

Jennifer Connelly Sestina
by Terence Winch (2/13/2006)

Mother Worries
by Shane Allison (2/6/2006)

Ingrate Sestina (or, The Sestina That Has Rejected All Its Titles Sestina)
by Gillian Kiley (1/30/2006)

Subterranean Gnomesick Blues; or, The Gnome Who Whet My Fleshy Tent
by Rachel Shukert (1/26/2006)

On Salvation
by Justin Marks (1/23/2006)

Reluctant Sestina
by Sharon Dolin (1/16/2006)

Sestina for Shappy, Who Doesn’t Get Enough Love Poems
by Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz (1/10/2006)

Coconut Octopus
by John Hoppenthaler (1/8/2006)

The Buffy Sestina
by Jason Schneiderman (1/6/2006)

Sestina for a Sister
by Laura Cronk (12/19/2005)

Das Kissenbuch
by Joshua Clover (12/13/2005)

Six Kinds of Noodles
by Stephen Burt (12/6/2005)

A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning
by David Lehman (11/29/2005)

Indecent Docent: Sex-Deprived Tina
by Carly Sachs (11/21/2005)

One Long Sentence and a Few Short Ones, or 39 Lines by Frank Gehry: Guggenheim, Bilbao
by James Harms (11/14/2005)

The Graduate Student in Comparative Literature Weighs the Merits of a Career in Pornographic Film
by Dafydd Wood (11/6/2005)

A Sestina Explanation of the Valerie Plame Affair
by Michael De Leeuw (10/31/2005)

Tina Sestina
by Doug Lang (10/25/2005)

Domestic Sestina
by Doug Lang (10/17/2005)

Sestina for the Q Train
by Adam Mazmanian (10/9/2005)

We’ll Always Have Paris Hilton
by Brian Howe (10/4/2005)

Rats Live on No Evil Star
by Jeffrey Conway (9/27/2005)

Detective Notes
by David Trinidad (9/20/2005)

Francis Bacon Sestina
by Lynn Kilpatrick (9/13/2005)

Ground Rules at Isla Verde Beach
by Kevin A. González (9/6/2005)

WTF Sestina
by Meghann Marco (8/30/2005)

Eazy-E in Hell
by Richard D. Allen (8/25/2005)

Back to the Ground: Tanglewood Music Festival, Lenox, Massachusetts
by Stuart Greenhouse (8/18/2005)

Memphis, 1976
by Jilly Sybka (8/3/2005)

A Sour Hour Spent With a Frozen Burrito in a Hot Oven
by Arthur Feldman (7/30/2005)

Pound-Eliot Sestina
by Alfred Corn (7/20/2005)

Ad Campaign During Wartime
by Tobias Seamon (7/18/2005)

Coon Was Here
by Chip Livingston (7/12/2005)

Alienation Sestina
by Chris Stroffolino (7/6/2005)

by Florence Cassen Mayers (6/29/2005)

My New Pet Word Is Mozzarella
by Amanda Nadelberg (6/20/2005)

Dear Dirk (Nowitzki) … Mailbag: Adapted From a Feature on, March 2005
by Angela Genusa (6/17/2005)

The Paul Bunyan Sestina
by Alex Cigale (6/9/2005)

Occidental Swing
by John Calvert and Steven Waling (5/25/2005)

Business Writing’s Silent Killer: Passive Voice
by J. Ryan Stradal (5/19/2005)

Baghdad: The Disappeared Girls
by Marilyn Krisl (5/11/2005)

The Lyricist and His Rock Star
by Peter Jay Shippy (5/6/2005)

Pub Crawl
by Edward Barker (4/18/2005)

Oratio Moderna
by Ethan Paquin (4/11/2005)

Spring Break Sestina
by Alison D. DeJesus, Allyson M. Miller, Amanda M. Kiscoe, Daniel A. Hoyt, Shawn R. Gaines and Thomas C. Lill (4/6/2005)

Alpaca-Farm-Economy and Tomato-Can-Label Sestina (After Reading The Art Spirit by Robert Henri 17 Years After It Was Assigned in a Freshman Life-Drawing Class)
by David Koehn (3/29/2005)

Napoleon Dynastina
by Randy Lucas (3/27/2005)

The Nesting Doll
by Marly Youmans (3/23/2005)

“Went to a Party, Mom”: Adapted From a Poetic E-mail From Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
by Amanda Gersh (3/3/2005)

by Jake Kennedy (2/14/2005)

Dear Thrasher: Adapted From a Letter to the Editor Printed in Thrasher Skateboarding Magazine, April 2003
by Sonya Huber (1/25/2005)

Our History
by Stephen Burt (1/17/2005)

The Vision
by Lewis Turco (1/12/2005)

Recurring Dream
by Jonah Winter (1/3/2005)

Arnaut Daniel: The Firm Desire
by Garrick Davis (12/22/2004)

The Jean Paul Sartre Sestina
by Joe Green (12/14/2004)

A Concise History of Leg Amputations
by Stephen Gibson (12/8/2004)

Plain Thoughts
by Vicki Weissman (11/29/2004)

Go, You Redbirds
by June Mimson (11/16/2004)

Sestina for Elton John
by Steve Almond (11/9/2004)

The Sestina of O
by Eric Charles Lemay (11/2/2004)

Literary-Gossip Sestina #1
by Keith O'Neill (10/25/2004)

Posttraumatic Small-Talk Disorder
by Brooks Haxton (10/18/2004)

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