The Convergences Contest

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To celebrate the release of Lawrence Weschler’s Everything That Rises: A Book of Convergences, we’ve launched an extravagant contest: A Convergence of Convergences. Submit your own convergence—an unlikely, striking pair of images, along with a paragraph or three exploring the deeper resonances. The best contributions will be posted on the site, along with responding commentary from Weschler. Please send your submissions to—if your images are attachments (rather than links), please keep them under 1 megabyte.

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Apoptosis: A Boom/Cancer Convergence.
by Lawrence Weschler (6/16/2011)

Bearded Ladies Breastfeeding
by Lawrence Weschler (1/28/2011)

Café By Night, Tea By Sea
by Lawrence Weschler (8/25/2010)

Carnival of Convergences No. 8
by Carol Rosofsky, Eric Lidil, Lawrence Weschler and Matt Haber (7/27/2010)

Malevich to Breugel in Under Five Minutes
by Lawrence Weschler (7/3/2010)

Abramovic/Kienholz Convergence: The Artist’s Loaded Gaze
by Lawrence Weschler (5/18/2010)

Contest Winner #44: Johnny be Proust or A Guitar Named Madeleine
by Lorenzo Alunni (4/15/2010)

Contest Winner #43: Spiraling Out of Control: An Uccello/Fischl Convergence
by Benjamin Morris (1/31/2010)

Ummm, Excuse Me
by Lawrence Weschler (12/5/2009)

Carnival of Convergences No. 7
by Charlie Hopper, Chris Ware, Errol Morris, Jennifer Odell, Leon Hilton, Marcus Parcus, Robin Davis and Tristan de Rond (11/11/2009)

Aftersquib to the Foregoing (Eyes On and In the Universe Edition)
by Lawrence Weschler (10/9/2009)

Contest Winner #42: Eyes On and In the Universe
by Shélan O'Keefe (9/28/2009)

An Impromptu on the Theme of Erasure
by Lawrence Weschler (9/14/2009)

Contest Winner #41: Michelangelo/Vesalius
by R.A. Villanueva (8/14/2009)

Slumdog Oedipus
by Lawrence Weschler (7/21/2009)

Constest #40: Vegetable Matters
by Eli Horowitz (6/2/2009)

Contest Winner #39: Eggs and Bacon
by Rosamond Purcell (4/2/2009)

Venus on a Vespa, Berger on My Mind
by Lawrence Weschler (11/9/2008)

From Da Vinci to Duchamp, by Way of Russia
by Lawrence Weschler (9/30/2008)

Convergent Postscripts
by Lawrence Weschler (8/11/2008)

Carnival of Convergences No. 6
by Ariel Deiaco Iohr, Daniel Ari, Jimmy Chen, Matt Sloper, Q.M. Noakhtar and R.J. Eskow (7/9/2008)

Cameras, Action! From Disney World to St. Peter’s Square, the Mediative Flight From the Immediate
by Lawrence Weschler (6/1/2008)

Contest Winner #38: Life Forms
by Ariel S. Winter (5/5/2008)

Contest Winner #37: Shipwrecked Desperation
by Charles Mudede and Matt Haber (4/2/2008)

Lee Friedlander’s Visionary Trees: An Addendum to the Last Chapters of Everything That Rises
by Lawrence Weschler (2/1/2008)

Carnival of Convergences No. 5
by Brent Holland's Mariner High School art class, Chris Reeves, Jamie Johansson, Jimmy Chen, Lauren Redniss, Lawrence Weschler and Mia McIver (1/20/2008)

Contest Winner #36: Black and White and in Color
by Walter Murch (10/3/2007)

Contest Winner #35: Disseminations: Internet, Dandelions, Flight Paths
by Sarah Daegling (9/15/2007)

Addendum to “Laughing, Clapping …” and, More Specifically, to the Stalinist-Applause Anecdote
by Lawrence Weschler (9/8/2007)

Contest Winner #34: Papal Fire (Papa Lux)
by Nick Feia (8/25/2007)

Contest Winner #33: Lithographica
by R.A. Villanueva (8/14/2007)

Laughing, Clapping, Constantly Forgetting: A Trill of Readerly Associations
by Lawrence Weschler (7/8/2007)

Carnival of Convergences No. 4
by Adam Koford, Charlie Hopper, David Ng, Lauren Redniss and Rigel Stuhmiller (6/29/2007)

Beauty Queen and Baghdad Hummer
by Lawrence Weschler (4/11/2007)

Saint and Princess
by Lawrence Weschler (4/7/2007)

An Addendum to the Foregoing: Cities, Brains, Orchestras.
by Lawrence Weschler (4/2/2007)

Contest Winner #32: Muscle and Flow
by B.R. Cohen (3/25/2007)

Contest Winner #31: The Lone Figure Against the Armored Swarm
by Michele Siegel (3/19/2007)

The Onion /Bickle Convergence
by Lawrence Weschler (3/9/2007)

Contest Winners #29 and #30: Hoods and Veils
by Lauren Redniss and Vero Testa (2/27/2007)

Actaeon: An Ovidian Impromptu.
by Lawrence Weschler (2/11/2007)

Contest Winner #28: Sand and Moon
by Alison Cornyn (2/7/2007)

Carnival of Convergences No. 3
by Bill Mech, Bradley Campbell, Guillermo Núñez, Helen Selonick, Lauren Redniss and Matt Haber (1/17/2007)

Contest Winner #27: Degenerate Boogie-Woogie
by Lisa Lee (1/6/2007)

Those Damn Swedish Trees, Take 3: Convergence of the Blogs
by Lawrence Weschler (12/19/2006)

Contest Winner #26: Jewish Bunk Beds
by Monica S. Bland (12/17/2006)

Contest Winners #23, #24, and #25: Far Out
by Brian Christian, Michael Benson and Walter Murch (12/6/2006)

An Addendum to the Foregoing, and a Visitor Challenge
by Lawrence Weschler (11/30/2006)

Contest Winner #22:
Seeing the Tree for the Forest

by Walter Murch (11/10/2006)

Contest Winner #21: Moral Confusion: Iraq, Munich, and Vietnam
by Donald Rumsfeld (11/2/2006)

Another Carnival of Convergences
by Andrea Ford, Ariel S. Winter, Jimmy Chen, Kevin Deutsch, Manuel Gonzales and Robert Joseph Carreon (10/28/2006)

A Pair of Convergences Off of Tina Barney
by Laura Myers and Whitney Sander (10/15/2006)

Contest Winner #20: Christ in Space
by Jonathan Shipley (10/1/2006)

Contest Winners #18 and #19
by John Peter Rickgauer and Maya Muñoz (9/28/2006)

Aftersquib to the Foregoing
by Lawrence Weschler (9/20/2006)

Weschler’s Fourth Interlude
by Lawrence Weschler (9/15/2006)

Carnival of Convergences
by Adam Cloe, Alan Prather, Aryeh Cohen-Wade, David Ng, Eric Meltzger, Greg Van Laningham, Jake Landis, John Raub, Julian Gallo, Matthew Gruenberg, Michael Rose and Rusty Lee (9/10/2006)

Conterst Winner #17: Clothesline Raising Over Carlisle, Indiana
by Charlie Hopper (8/30/2006)

Contest Winner #16: A Rousseau/Hirshfield Convergence
by Adam Webb (8/19/2006)

by Lawrence Weschler (8/9/2006)

Contest Winner #15: _Time_’s Deliberate Convergence
by Steve Denyszyn (8/8/2006)

Contest Winner #14: Feminine Divine Triptych
by Margit Christenson (8/2/2006)

Contest Winner #13: The March
by Emily Marvosh (7/20/2006)

Contest Winner #12: Inside and Out There
by Lena Webb (7/12/2006)

Contest Winner #11: Love and War
by Kim Wood (6/27/2006)

Weschler’s Second Interlude
by Lawrence Weschler (6/3/2006)

Contest Winner #10: Gutshot
by Jason Torchinsky (5/16/2006)

Contest Winner #9: Painfully Unaware
by Dan Park (5/1/2006)

Contest Winner #7: We Are the Son
by Danny Erker (4/24/2006)

Contest Winner #7: Self-Made Constriction
by Sam Gaskin (4/13/2006)

Contest Winner #6: The Antipodes
by Chris Zic (3/29/2006)

Contest Winner #5: Catskills Vagina
by Dan Clem (3/23/2006)

Contest Winnner #4: This Is Not an Ad
by Jimmy Chen (3/16/2006)

by Lawrence Weschler (3/9/2006)

Contest Winners #2 and #3
by Andy Hunter and Holly Dunsworth (3/7/2006)

Contest Winner #1: Evolving, Evolved
by Charlie Hopper (3/1/2006)

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