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Chris Bachelder’s Lessons in Virtual Photography.


The wealthy photographer Ansel Adams once wrote, “A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” How simple, how true—and how difficult! Even though Adams’s heart failed him well before the whirling magic of virtual-tour technology was introduced to our world, his mysterious words ring true. In the high-tech, “fast-paced,” paperless freelance international real-estate-photography industry of today, those eight words still cut. Because a good virtual tour—just like a good photograph of a boulder, or a pinecone—is knowing where to stand. And in Lessons in Virtual Tour Photography, available now, for the first time, as an e-book, you will learn where to stand, and how to know where. But that’s not all you will learn! Picture this: You, conversant in the three types of display apartments. You, ably overcoming some of West Texas’s most intransigent property managers (or “PMs,” as we in the business prefer to say). You, expertly, almost lovingly, caring for your valuable tripod. You, photographing mirrors and windows and swimming pools without trouble or fear—taking their pictures “like a pro.” You, equally oppressed by the stultifying loneliness of the endless freeway traffic jam and the shimmering ache of your disappointments. Are you visualizing it? Can you add a sullen, pregnant ex-girlfriend to that mental image? Well, in just 71 illustrated, “easy-to-follow” lessons, filled with step-by-step instructions and exclusive insider’s tips, affluent virtual-tour photographer Chris Bachelder will show you how to realize that dream. The now-dead Adams once wrote, “There are no rules for good photographs; there are only good photographs.” But how could he have seen into the Great Tomorrow? It is now known that there are rules, hundreds of them, and Lessons in Virtual Tour Photography reveals all. Why wait? Download your future today.

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