Monday, July 13 (7.5 hrs.)

0.3 hrs. Reviewed/analyzed last week’s output; discarded all but half a page.

1.1 hrs. Existential crisis.

0.2 hrs. Facebook.

0.3 hrs. Wrote 2 marginally acceptable paragraphs.

2.3 hrs. Rewrote 2 paragraphs; discarded.

0.8 hrs. Walked dogs; grappled with unresolved issues from childhood & failed relationships.

0.2 hrs. Submitted poems to 3 lit journals.

0.2 hrs. Wrote 5 sentences; discarded.

1.0 hrs. Walked dogs.

1.0 hrs. Cocktail hour.

0.1 hrs. Facebook.

Tuesday, July 14 (8.3 hrs.)

0.5 hrs. Deleted last night’s Facebook post; messaged friends to apologize.

0.9 hrs. Panic attack.

1.1 hrs. Walked dogs.

0.5 hrs. Searched apartment for yesterday’s work; failed to locate.

0.3 hrs. Heart palpitations.

0.5 hrs. Read this week’s New Yorker fiction.

0.7 hrs. Hated on New Yorker writer with her derivative characters & mise-en-scenes.

0.1 hrs. Looked up “mise-en-scene” on Wikipedia.

1.3 hrs. Phone call with writer friend; discussed how much New Yorker fiction sucks.

0.5 hrs. Drafted & emailed query letter to New Yorker (for super postmodern story).

0.5 hrs. Walked dogs.

0.4 hrs. Wrote 7 sentences.

1.2 hrs. Cocktail hour.

Wednesday, July 14 (7.6 hrs.)

0.5 hrs. Meditation.

0.5 hrs. Panic attack.

0.6 hrs. Walked dogs.

0.6 hrs. Phone call with writer friend; discussed uselessness of MFAs & MFA culture.

0.1 hrs. Called agent in NYC; left message with receptionist.

0.5 hrs. Researched MFA programs.

2.0 hrs. Watched The Big Lebowski.

0.2 hrs. Outlined screenplay concept for neo-noir crime comedy film.

1.4 hrs. Walked dogs; panic attack.

1.5 hrs. Cocktail hour.

Thursday, July 16 (9.0 hrs.)

1.0 hrs. Walked dogs.

0.4 hrs. Revised sentences from yesterday; discarded.

0.2 hrs. Heart palpitations.

0.5 hrs. Internet research re: symptoms of heart attack.

0.5 hrs. Walked dogs.

1.1 hrs. Drafted and sent 10 query letters.

0.1 hrs. Emailed writer friend re: query letters a waste of time.

2.3 hrs. Watched The Shawshank Redemption.

0.3 hrs. Hated on Stephen King with his stupid books & stupid movies & all his stupid success.

0.5 hrs. Read 3 stories from Skeleton Crew.

0.4 hrs. Walked dogs.

1.7 hrs. Cocktail hour.

Friday, July 17 (7.7 hrs.)

0.5 hrs. Brunch (bloody mary’s & toast)­­.

0.1 hrs. Spoke with agent; said she’ll have something next week, meanwhile “keep at it.”

0.5 hrs. Staved off existential crisis.

2.8 hrs. Walked dogs; existential crisis.

2.5 hrs. Starbucks; talked with cute barista; wrote 5 o.k. sentences; didn’t get barista’s #.

0.3 hrs. Wept inconsolably in shower.

0.1 hrs. Facebook.

0.7 hrs. Walked dogs.

2.2 hrs. Cocktail hour.

Saturday, July 18 (9.3 hrs.)

1.1 hrs. A.A.

2.3 hrs. Dog park.

0.4 hrs. Wrote 6 not-half-bad sentences.

0.3 hrs. Checked BofA balance; internal debate re: waiting tables @ local tavern.

0.5 hrs. Walked dogs.

0.2 hrs. Phone conv. with Mom.

1.5 hrs. Guilt trip/panic attack/existential crisis.

4.0 hrs. Attended reading; cocktails; pitched book idea to Uber driver on way home.

Sunday, July 19 (9.2 hrs.)

0.4 hrs. Read New York Times Sunday Book Review.

0.2 hrs. Facebook post re: NYT Sunday Book Review, New Yorker & MFA culture destroying fiction & poetry in U.S.

1.5 hrs. Walked dogs.

1.3 hrs. Wrote a whole page (whoo-hoo!).

0.3 hrs. Existential crisis.

5.5 hrs. Cocktail hour.