Are You Telling Me That This Sucker’s Nuclear? Adventures in Atomic Tourism

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2012 Column Contest Winner

Anne Wheeler used to live in the Pacific Northwest and have purple hair and piercings, but now works for “The Man” at a white-shoe law firm in the South. To balance this assault on her soul, and free the ‘90s Goth girl within, she spends her free time working as a cemetery tour guide and exploring the vestiges of the Atomic Era.

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From the Vault (5/31/2013)

“They Wanted Me to Build Them a Bomb, So I Took Their Plutonium,” Part II (5/15/2013)

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Kilroy Was Here (4/3/2013)

Shall We Play a Game? (3/15/2013)

Mississippi (Radioactive) Mud Pie (2/25/2013)

Here Lies EBR-I, Peperony and Chease (2/4/2013)

Boy Scout Merit Badge: The Reckoning (1/16/2013)

Boy Scouts Merit Badge, Part Deux (11/29/2012)

Boy Scout Merit Badge (11/8/2012)

A Caving I Have Gone (10/24/2012)

You’ll Have to Excuse the Crudeness of This Model. I Didn’t Have the Time to Paint or Build it to Scale (10/5/2012)

Hot Rock (9/14/2012)

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