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Chicago humorist Mark Peters is obsessed with reading, writing, hearing, telling—and now, writing about—jokes. In each column, he looks at a perfect joke by a master of the form. Mark is also a Twitter comic (@wordlust, @cnnyourmom, and @tswiftnews666), a euphemism columnist for Visual Thesaurus, and a dabbler in stand-up comedy. He recently wrote and produced a sketch comedy show called “Nachos… From the Abyss.” His book Bullshit: A Lexicon is forthcoming from Three Rivers Press.

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Who’s the Funniest Star Wars Character? (7/28/2016)

Arrested Development: A Bonkers Family Comedy for the Detail-Obsessed (4/15/2016)

Steven Wright, Immortal King of One-liners and Literalism (2/2/2016)

Bill Burr, Hitler, and a Perfect Joke for NBA Nerds (1/6/2016)

What’s the Funniest Word for “Bullshit”? (10/27/2015)

Archer: A Show That Can Make Anything, Even Cancer, Funny (10/9/2015)

Coyle and Sharpe: ’60s Pranksters Who Were a Bazillion Years Ahead of Their Time (7/29/2015)

30 Rock: Sharp SNL Satire and Joke Factory Supreme (6/5/2015)

The Best Joke of An Always Sunny (and Underrated) Sitcom (4/14/2015)

Punks vs. God Hates Astronauts: The Funniest Current Comic Book Heavyweight Championship (1/8/2015)

Joan Rivers: Nuclear-Powered Insult Queen (10/3/2014)

Louis C.K. Exposes My Stupid Brain (9/12/2014)

Mitch Hedberg: Hippie Martian Zen Genius (8/28/2014)

Dan Guterman: The Best Joke Writer in the World? (8/6/2014)

Mike Sacks: A Two-Way Comedy Gold Mine (7/10/2014)

Comedy Villain Anthony Jeselnik: The Love Child of Jack Handey and Ravishing Rick Rude (5/22/2014)

Key & Peele and the Mother of All Mother Jokes (4/25/2014)

The Superior Humor of Marvel’s Inferior Villains (4/4/2014)

Ted Travelstead: Twitter’s Weirdo Genius (3/18/2014)

Sarah Silverman and the Art of the Non-Dirty Joke (2/24/2014)

Burgundy-ology: The Best Anchorman Joke (1/29/2014)

Golden Boy, Seinfeld, and the Meandering Male Mind (12/20/2013)

Heaven, Jews, Dogs, and Rob Delaney (11/26/2013)

A Duck, a Professor, and the Greatest Cartoonist Ever (11/5/2013)

A Syrian Spin on a Sandwich-centric Joke Formula: Jess Dweck’s Best Joke (10/11/2013)

Seeking Gold, Slaves, and Peace: The Best Jack Handey Joke (9/20/2013)

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