Bream Gives Me Hiccups: Restaurant Reviews
from a Privileged

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The opinions expressed below are of the nine-year-old reviewer’s, and do not necessarily reflect those of McSweeney’s.

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Sushi Nozawa (9/17/2015)

The Ashram and Mom (12/12/2013)

The Museum of Natural History and Making Compromises (11/1/2013)

A Crawfish Boil and Dad’s New Family (8/6/2013)

Fuddruckers and an Unreliable New Friend (6/3/2013)

Matthew’s House (2/22/2013)

Thanksgiving With Vegans (11/21/2012)

Organix vs. the San Gennaro Street Festival (10/2/2012)

Robert Frost Elementary School Cafeteria (8/20/2012)

Tcby. (8/1/2012)

The Whiskey Blue Bar at the W Hotel (7/9/2012)

Masgouf (6/6/2012)

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