Dispatches From a Hangdog Bankrupt

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What follows are diverting and cautionary reports on the Chapter 7 death and decay of an Austin rare-book dealership, written for the benefit of the chary startups among you by Bill Cotter, its former owner and sole employee. Cotter’s first novel, Fever Chart, will be published by McSweeney’s in August. The bankruptcy trustees will get half of his advance.

- - - -
- - - -
Dispatch 7: Erect Not a Gibbet for Thine Debtors, WaMu (Now Chase) (7/30/2009)

Dispatch 6: Ants in the Colgate (7/23/2009)

Dispatch 5: Tonight! Guilt v. Indignancy! And On the Undercard: Prison v. Freedom! (7/7/2009)

Dispatch 4: The Worst Period (6/29/2009)

Dispatch 3: An Aside About Collections Experience (6/25/2009)

Dispatch 2: The Rise and Fall of the Business (6/15/2009)

Dispatch 1: The Costliest Ten-Dollar Cat in Texas (6/8/2009)

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