Getting a Head: Touring the World as a Giant Dancing Bear

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If you aren’t crazy before you travel across the continent in a van, performing in packed theaters wearing a mascot costume of a famous cartoon character, you sure as hell will be afterwards. Daniel Falk invites you to join his descent into madness, and to meet the friends he made on his way down.

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Out of the Head (9/11/2013)

The Missus (8/23/2013)

Space Invader Safari (8/5/2013)

Squished Fox (7/17/2013)

Lame Bus, Party Bus (6/24/2013)

The Disappearing Rabbit Trick (6/3/2013)

Shooting Star is Dead Inside (5/14/2013)

Nine Hours of Trivial Pursuit (4/26/2013)

Dumpster Diving in Marseille (4/5/2013)

Fart Protocol (3/19/2013)

Buy the Merch (2/27/2013)

Do You Know Who I Am? (2/5/2013)

Captain Unicycle’s Blog! (1/18/2013)

That Which Cannot Be Named (12/17/2012)

Remembering Bird (11/30/2012)

Bear’s Guide to Hotel Cookery (11/13/2012)

The Day the Fan Stood Still (10/26/2012)

The Stump Complex (10/9/2012)

Into the Head (9/18/2012)

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