No Fear of Flying: Kamikaze Missions in Death, Sex, and Comedy

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Michelle Mirsky is strong but not tough. She hates being told no. She loves to say yes. She’s always in love. She likes whiskey, listens to fortune cookies, and collects knee-high boots and classic modernist chairs. She’s probably a good mother. She lives in Austin, TX where she works an earnest 9-5 job and sometimes tells jokes on stage—kind of like a superhero with a secret identity. Only not super. Or secret. This column chronicles the year following the not-unexpected death of the author’s son. It’s mostly deadpan. It’s sometimes funny. It’s rarely hyperbolic.

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Epilogue: Deadkidistan (11/8/2012)

The Vessel (8/22/2012)

The Scarlet D (8/3/2012)

The Things I’ve Kept (7/16/2012)

Hail Mary (6/20/2012)

Museum of Sorrows (5/30/2012)

No Mas (5/10/2012)

Statistically Significant (4/20/2012)

Poor Relations (3/30/2012)

All Exits Look the Same (3/14/2012)

Remains and Restraints (2/23/2012)

Solipsists Do It for the Folks Watching at Home (2/1/2012)

Where’s Tom Petty From? (1/12/2012)

A Cure for the Human Condition (12/16/2011)

“It’s All Gonna Break…” (11/8/2011)

My Real Passion is Improv Comedy (10/21/2011)

These Things Happened (10/4/2011)

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