Notes From the Caddieshack

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Tim Peters is from the suburbs of Chicago.  Much of his adolescence was spent on golf courses, both as a caddie and as a junior golfer.  He went to a Large State University, majored in philosophy, and now, from time to time, finds himself living at home with his parents, working as a caddie at the local golf club.

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Column 18: The End of the Season (9/12/2011)

Column 17: The Club Championship (8/22/2011)

Column 16: Ladies’ Day (8/2/2011)

Column 15: The Caddie Championship (7/13/2011)

Column 14: Inclement Weather (6/20/2011)

Column 13: Doubles (6/2/2011)

Column 12: Caddie Softball (5/13/2011)

Column 11: The Driving Range (4/26/2011)

Column 10: The Amateur (4/7/2011)

Column 9: The Read (3/22/2011)

Column 8: In Search of a Lost Ball (3/1/2011)

Column 7: The First Tee (2/10/2011)

Column 6: The Bag Room (1/19/2011)

Column 5: Bag Shag (1/4/2011)

Column 4: Waiting (12/7/2010)

Column 3: Assignments (11/16/2010)

Column 2: The List (10/28/2010)

Column 1: Warming Up (10/12/2010)

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