2014: A Facebook OdysseyNew
by Ben Jurney (8/29/2014)

I Like Big Brass and I Cannot Lie: Confessions from the Tuba World: You Tuba Players Can’t DenyNew
by Elizabeth Eshelman (8/29/2014)

List: Cartoon Character Revelations Inspired by the News that Hello Kitty is NOT a CatNew
by Dorothy Bendel (8/29/2014)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to My Late Paternal GrandfatherNew
by Katherine Kubler (8/29/2014)

Entries from the J. Peterman Drone Accessories CatalogueNew
by A. Wolfe (8/28/2014)

Best Joke Ever: Mitch Hedberg: Hippie Martian Zen GeniusNew
by Mark Peters (8/28/2014)

List: Taylor Swift Song or Positive Integer?New
by Jamie Carmody (8/28/2014)

The Following Content is Sponsored by Your ParentsNew
by John Flowers (8/27/2014)

826 Chicago at Pitchfork: Speedy Ortiz Talks Snack Rock, Superpowers, and the Best Interview QuestionNew
by 826 Chicago (8/27/2014)

Reviews of New FoodUpdated
by Various New Food Tasters (8/27/2014)

Hot New Careers for CreativesNew
by Carlin Flora (8/26/2014)

John Horgan on The End of WarNew
by John Horgan (8/26/2014)

Retail Therapy: Inside the Apple Store: Quiz: Are You an Apple Fan?New
by J.K. Appleseed (8/26/2014)

A Company-Wide Memo to All Staff Regarding the Sexing Up of The Farmer’s AlmanacNew
by Lukas Drake (8/25/2014)

Hungover Bear and Friends: Ask, See, KnockNew
by Ali Fitzgerald (8/25/2014)

Teddy Wayne’s Unpopular Proverbs: HateNew
by Teddy Wayne (8/25/2014)

We Provide Meals That are Completely Unaffordable and Unappealing to People Who Actually Live in This Neighborhood
by Pablo Goldstein (8/22/2014)

Testomania: How is Your Love Life?
by Janet Manley (8/22/2014)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to the Passing Motorist Who Suggested I Take a Photograph of His Dick
by Cirrus Robert Wood (8/22/2014)

My Passion for Repurposing Wooden Pallets is What Helped Me Survive the Breakup With Rick
by Kerri Wood Thomson (8/21/2014)

Bitchslap: A Column About Women and Fighting: Column 54: Control Freaks
by Susan Schorn (8/21/2014)

List: The Adult Kickball League Hall of Fame
by Spencer Ham (8/21/2014)

I’m Traveling to Some Country in the East to Write a Memoir About Traveling to Some Country in the East
by Alex Norcia (8/20/2014)

On the Trail of Mary Jane: This is Not Nirvana
by Wendy C. Ortiz (8/20/2014)

Monologue: A Few Words from Roscoe’s Italian Eatery and Café’s Human Billboard and Doomsayer
by Peter Harmelin (8/20/2014)

I Can’t Sell This Car—It’s Too Hot. Plus, It’s the Popemobile
by Keaton Patti (8/19/2014)

An Interview with Curtis Sittenfeld, Guest Judge of the McSweeney’s Student Short Story Contest
by McSweeney's (8/19/2014)

List: Famous Inspirational Quotes Take Naps
by Patricia Robinson (8/19/2014)

Tide Detergent’s President of Marketing Defines the Company’s Typical Customer
by Seth Reiss (8/18/2014)

Reviews of Self-Help Books by Professional Athletes: The World’s Most Private Memoirist: A Review of Character Driven by Derek Fisher
by Miles Wray (8/18/2014)

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