Lesser-Known Trolley Problem VariationsNew
by Kyle York (4/20/2015)

List: How to Beat the Cast of Dynasty in the Drinking Game “Never Have I Ever.”New
by Amy Canavan and Sarah Schneeberger (4/20/2015)

Home On the Range: An Arsenal of WeaponsNew
by Robert Lawrence (4/20/2015)

Bridge Troll Associate Apprenticeship OpportunityNew
by Sarah Sloat (4/17/2015)

@thereal_saintfrancis_: Joyful RoarsNew
by Nick Farrell and Rachel Farrell (4/17/2015)

Letters to McSweeney’sNew
by Various Letter Writers (4/17/2015)

Which Ad Experience Do You Prefer?New
by River Clegg (4/16/2015)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to The South, My Southern Baptist Pharmacy School, and a Job RecruiterNew
by Deroe-Asha Davis-Weeks (4/16/2015)

Reviews of New FoodUpdated
by Various New Food Tasters (4/16/2015)

Stamina Training Unit
by Chris Okum (4/15/2015)

The Hidden Rich: The Deferral of Death
by Jane Dough (4/15/2015)

List: Postmodern Zen Koans
by Elisa Abatsis (4/15/2015)

Thirteen Creative Writing Exercises for Women
by Jessie Gaynor (4/14/2015)

Best Joke Ever: The Best Joke of An Always Sunny (and Underrated) Sitcom
by Mark Peters (4/14/2015)

Norse History for Bostonians: The Prose Edda for Bostonians, Gylfaginning, Part XIV
by Rowdy Geirsson (4/14/2015)

Quick n’ Easy Recipes in 2087
by Kendra Eash (4/13/2015)

Hungover Bear and Friends: The Gift is Now
by Ali Fitzgerald (4/13/2015)

List: Writers’ Workshop Critiques as Applied to Your Sex Life
by Nicole Boyce (4/13/2015)

From the Department of Children and Family Services, King’s Landing Office
by Susan Taitel (4/10/2015)

Interviews With People Who Have Interesting or Unusual Jobs: Wendy Merron, Hypnotist
by Suzanne Yeagley (4/10/2015)

List: Subtle Things 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates Can And Should Do Right Now to More Thoroughly and Most Convincingly Evoke the Reagan Years
by Gary M. Almeter (4/10/2015)

How to Interact With a Necromancer
by Ian Rictor (4/9/2015)

List: Vegetable Gardening Tips, A-Z
by Carol Kolb (4/9/2015)

Teddy Wayne’s Unpopular Proverbs: Death
by Teddy Wayne (4/9/2015)

Adult Films I Could Star In
by Jeffrey Blum (4/8/2015)

List: New Age Nondescript Markers of Status
by Caitlin Kelley (4/8/2015)

My Own Private Shock Corridor: One of the Eight Million Stories in the Naked City
by Bob Schneider (4/8/2015)

Welcome to Our Design Studio, Where You’ll Never See the Light of Day But You Can Bring Your Dog
by Kimberly Harrington (4/7/2015)

My Signed Comedy LPs: One Comedy Nerd’s Obsessive Journey: Dr. Demento
by Dan Pasternack (4/7/2015)

List: ADMIT; BUT; NOR: Dating Edition
by Scott Farrar (4/7/2015)

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