It’s Decorative Gourd Season, MotherfuckersNew
by Colin Nissan (9/23/2014)

A McSweeney’s Books Interview with Courtney Moreno, Author of In Case of EmergencyNew
by Courtney Moreno and Erin Minnick (9/23/2014)

Reviews of New FoodUpdated
by Various New Food Tasters (9/23/2014)

When I Commented That I Was “Literally Peeing My Pants and Dying Right Now,” I Meant ItNew
by Jen Cordery (9/22/2014)

Monologue: Glengarry, Bob RossNew
by Zack Wortman (9/22/2014)

List: Differences Between Me, Teddy Wayne, and Bruce Wayne/John WayneNew
by Teddy Wayne (9/22/2014)

A Generic College PaperNew
by Jon Wu (9/19/2014)

Norse History for Bostonians: The Prose Edda for Bostonians, Gylfaginning, Part XNew
by Rowdy Geirsson (9/19/2014)

List: Rejected Spaghetti Western Movie TitlesNew
by Nancy Stohlman (9/19/2014)

Cat Performance Review
by Kendra Eash (9/18/2014)

An Excerpt from Cabinet Magazine, in Honor of the McSweeney’s/Cabinet Combo Subscription
by Katherine Hunt (9/18/2014)

826 Chicago at Pitchfork: Twin Peaks Talks Breaking a Leg, Blu-rays and, Band Advice
by 826 Chicago (9/18/2014)

William Blake, Color Analyst for the Atlanta Braves
by Walter Jones (9/17/2014)

A Story from John Warner’s New Collection, Tough Day for the Army
by John Warner (9/17/2014)

Testomania: Did You Go to One of the Best Schools in the World?
by Janet Manley (9/17/2014)

So You Want to Get Into an MFA Program: A Decision Tree
by Rebekah Frumkin (9/16/2014)

A McSweeney’s Books Selection from In Case of Emergency by Courtney Moreno
by Courtney Moreno (9/16/2014)

Monologue: Alexander Graham Bell Has Had Just About Enough of Your Shit
by Charlie Stockman (9/16/2014)

Please Let Me Put My Disease-Riddled Hands All Over Your Baby!
by Jeremy Blachman (9/15/2014)

Speaking for All Christians Exactly Like Me: Ten Thousand Zombies in Bonnets
by Jordan Jeffers (9/15/2014)

List: Other Things Sheena Easton’s Baby Takes in Addition to the Morning Train
by Gary M. Almeter (9/15/2014)

A Millennial Applies for a Ghostwriting Position at a Wealthy White Lady’s Lifestyle Blog
by Max Bisantz (9/12/2014)

Best Joke Ever: Louis C.K. Exposes My Stupid Brain
by Mark Peters (9/12/2014)

Monologue: Botticelli’s Venus Wants You to Go Away
by Kate Hahn (9/12/2014)

Vignettes From Season 6 of The Wire, in Which West Baltimore is Gentrified
by Marti Trgovich (9/11/2014)

Welcoming Remarks Made at a Literary Reading, 9/25/01Updated
by John Hodgman (9/11/2014)

Retail Therapy: Inside the Apple Store: Why You Deserve a Pay Raise
by J.K. Appleseed (9/11/2014)

Please Steal My Vespa
by Lucas Gardner (9/10/2014)

A McSweeney’s Books Preview of Mr. Gwyn by Alessandro Baricco
by Alessandro Baricco (9/10/2014)

List: Online Reviews of My Phenomenal Work as a Babysitter
by Ike Flitcraft (9/10/2014)

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