Sentient Cloud of Poisonous Gas Seeks CompanionNew
by Sam Shelstad (2/27/2015)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to Women Who Shame CatcallingNew
by Wendy Litner (2/27/2015)

List: Existentialist Quotes for Social Media PlatformsNew
by Jim Sabataso (2/27/2015)

Welcome to Caleb’s Humane MeatsNew
by Dan Kennedy (2/26/2015)

Your Prescribing Doctor: Dispatches from the Psycho-pharmaceutical Complex: Kidhood (Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall)New
by Rebekah Frumkin (2/26/2015)

List: Lacrosse Term, Obscure Sex Act That Frat Guys Always Claim to Do, Sweet Corn Variety, or Automotive Term With an Arbitrary Proper Noun In Front of It?New
by Gary M. Almeter (2/26/2015)

My Cousin Tristan is NO LONGER My Authorized Biographer and I Need Your Help to Stop HimNew
by Thomas Scott (2/25/2015)

List: Non-Discriminatory No-Go ZonesNew
by Amelie Mabbutt (2/25/2015)

My Signed Comedy LPs: One Comedy Nerd’s Obsessive Journey: Jonathan Winters, Part IVNew
by Dan Pasternack (2/25/2015)

Click On This Link and You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!
by Kali Lux (2/24/2015)

Monologue: Jesus Christ Tells His Parents He Wants to Pursue a Career in Comedy
by James Greb (2/24/2015)

Dispatches from Iceland: Let’s Take the Bus, Part One
by Kurt Caswell (2/24/2015)

Did You Drain My Energy Today? A Quiz
by Devorah Blachor (2/23/2015)

How to Find Love: Lessons from an Old Maid: Self-Esteem Roulette
by Connie Sun (2/23/2015)

List: This Year’s Most Popular Musical Theatre Boys Names
by Andrew Law (2/23/2015)

List: If Critics Wrote About the Male Best Director Nominees the Same Way They Write About Selma Director Ava DuVernay
by Shannon Reed (2/20/2015)

America Just Isn’t Ready to Watch a Mexican Shoot Aliens
by Pablo Goldstein (2/20/2015)

List: Follow-Up Red Carpet Questions for Female Celebrities
by Dorothy Bendel (2/20/2015)

List: If Richard Linklater Filmed Me for the Next Twelve Years
by Wendi Aarons (2/20/2015)

The Inventory Manager of a Wholesale Sex Toy Manufacturer Responds to a Shipping Request
by Quinn Formel (2/19/2015)

Not So Timeless After All: Arable, Wilbur
by Ilana Masad (2/19/2015)

List: Six Sweet Valley High Novels That Were Ghostwritten by Confucius
by Cian Cruise (2/19/2015)

Welcome to the Federal Department of Outrage
by Kate Hahn (2/18/2015)

Home On the Range: Smiling for the Gun Board
by Robert Lawrence (2/18/2015)

List: Immunization Status of Magic Kingdom Celebrities
by George Estreich (2/18/2015)

Prominent Philosophers’ GRE Essay Prompts
by Evan Waterman (2/17/2015)

Monologue: T.S. Eliot Sees Cats for the First Time
by AT Barnes (2/17/2015)

List: Bang, Marry, or Kill: Tourist Season in Phoenix Edition
by Sarah Glady (2/17/2015)

Amazing Trivia About Every U.S. President Almost Too Unbelievable to Be True
by Matt Passet (2/16/2015)

Field Notes from Gentrified Places: Barry Bridge, The Art of Real Estate Development No. 1 (Part I)
by Vinson Cunningham (2/16/2015)

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