McSweeney’s Internet Tendency’s Week in Review: July 21-25, 2014New
by McSweeney's (7/27/2014)

I Produce Sex-Drenched Uptempo Club Bangers to Inspire Moms at 6 AM Boot Camp ClassesNew
by Jenny Shank (7/25/2014)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to the People Who Decide Which Women’s Apparel Catalogs to Send MeNew
by Hana Schank (7/25/2014)

On the Trail of Mary Jane: Dabs, Girlz, and Restraining OrdersNew
by Wendy C. Ortiz (7/25/2014)

Notes on Your Banner Ad Copy for Medicated WipesNew
by Jeff Johnson (7/24/2014)

My Own Private Shock Corridor: My Own Private Shock Corridor.New
by Bob Schneider (7/24/2014)

List: Eminem Lyric or Line of Lesbian Poetry?New
by Sascha Cohen (7/24/2014)

It’s Finally Summer in the Office!New
by Kassia Miller (7/23/2014)

List: More Engaging Copy for the Ten CommandmentsNew
by David Tate (7/23/2014)

Reviews of New FoodNew
by Various New Food Tasters (7/23/2014)

Lost Scenes from Generic Hipster Indie Romance Films Found in 2076 During a Museum Restoration of an Old MacBook Air and Subsequently Adapted for the Stage During Heritage Week at a Camp for 7th and 8th Graders Later That Summer
by Bethany Billman (7/22/2014)

McSweeney’s Quarterly Presents: The Road to 50
by McSweeney's (7/22/2014)

I Like Big Brass and I Cannot Lie: Confessions from the Tuba World: Enough Tuba Talk—Let’s Listen
by Elizabeth Eshelman (7/22/2014)

I’m Thinking About Launching My Podcast Pretty Soon
by Jory John (7/21/2014)

Classic Russian Writers: For teh Internets: Vladimir Nabokov’s “Signs and Symbols.”
by KA Semënova (7/21/2014)

List: Erotica For Architects
by Allegra Hyde (7/21/2014)

Episodes from Season 4 of Little House On the Prairie Reimagined to Reflect the Presence of a Starbucks in Walnut Grove
by Gary M. Almeter (7/18/2014)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to Myself When I Had Seven Cats
by Jen Bingham (7/18/2014)

The View from Where I Standardize: Ruminations from the Test-Prep Industry: But Are You Self Aware?
by Melissa Roy (7/18/2014)

I’ve Been Really Busy, What With Work, My Kids, and the Parasitic Life Form Living Inside Me
by Katie Brinkworth (7/17/2014)

List: Words to Make Your Poetry Legit
by Kenna O'Rourke (7/17/2014)

FLIP: A Column About Skateboarding: Column 25: Towards a Literature of Skateboarding: Book Reviews as Well as a Brief Comment from David Foster Wallace on a Supposedly Fun Thing
by Joel Rice (7/17/2014)

This New Rap Song Has a Refreshing Perspective On Pussy
by Colin Nissan (7/16/2014)

Hungover Bear and Friends: Suffer to Get Well
by Ali Fitzgerald (7/16/2014)

It’s All Greek to Me: A Column on Sororities in the South: The Short Gold-Sequined Romper
by M.M. Locker (7/16/2014)

Congratulations, Future Sellout!
by Joel Breuklander (7/15/2014)

A McSweeney’s Books Preview of Sean Wilsey’s More Curious
by Sean Wilsey (7/15/2014)

List: Take Your “Good Wishes” to the Next Level
by Gena Larson (7/15/2014)

Your Uber Driver Reviews You
by Kate Hahn (7/14/2014)

Norse History for Bostonians: The Prose Edda for Bostonians, Gylfaginning, Part IX
by Rowdy Geirsson (7/14/2014)

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