Let’s Save Sitting!New
by Liza Behles (5/22/2015)

How to Find Love: Lessons from an Old Maid: Halfway PointNew
by Connie Sun (5/22/2015)

List: Batting Heckles Uttered by the Dad On My Son’s Little League Team Who is a Meteorology Professor and Whose Research Interests Include Cloud-Based Analytics for Spatio-Temporal Data With a Primary Focus On Climate, Hydrological and Ecological SciencesNew
by Gary M. Almeter (5/22/2015)

Print Lovers Magazine is Going Digital!New
by Lucas Gardner (5/21/2015)

List: Bechdel Test-Inspired Rules for Other CartoonistsNew
by Shannon Reed (5/21/2015)

My Own Private Shock Corridor: Leaving Looney BinNew
by Bob Schneider (5/21/2015)

Ms. Henderson’s Second Grade Class’s Math TestNew
by Amy Rosenthal (5/20/2015)

Not So Timeless After All: Thompson-Knight, EloiseNew
by Ilana Masad (5/20/2015)

Monologue: I’m Not Going to Teleport to Stop & Shop Just Because You Are Out of Contact Lens SolutionNew
by Curtis Edmonds (5/20/2015)

Should You Tweet That? A Brief QuestionnaireNew
by Ben Jurney (5/19/2015)

Interviews With People Who Have Interesting or Unusual Jobs: Justine Coldwater: No Keys in the IgnitionNew
by Suzanne Yeagley (5/19/2015)

List: I Know You Are But What Am I: Political EditionNew
by Kimberly Harrington (5/19/2015)

Come Stay at Our Petrochemical Consortium’s #ArtistFlophaus!
by Jake Tuck (5/18/2015)

Sexting With a New Yorker
by Jeanne Darst (5/18/2015)

Field Notes from Gentrified Places: The Old Melodies
by Vinson Cunningham (5/18/2015)

Famous Authors Write Pieces About Famous Authors Writing About Modern Things
by Brian Agler (5/15/2015)

List: Singles Mixers in Your Area
by Kim Thompson (5/15/2015)

My Signed Comedy LPs: One Comedy Nerd’s Obsessive Journey: Johnny Carson
by Dan Pasternack (5/15/2015)

Rosetta Stone: Texting with Women Edition
by Max Davison (5/14/2015)

Bitchslap: A Column About Women and Fighting: Column 58: The Tongues of Trolls
by Susan Schorn (5/14/2015)

Teddy Wayne’s Unpopular Proverbs: Dreams
by Teddy Wayne (5/14/2015)

Standing Desk Yoga Poses for the Beginner
by Harrison Scott Key (5/13/2015)

A McSweeney’s Books Preview of Daniel Khalastchi’s Tradition
by Daniel Khalastchi (5/13/2015)

List: Netflix Recommendations for Your Next Genre of Boyfriend
by Jessie Gaynor (5/13/2015)

Little Pulp Fiction Women
by Laura Euler (5/12/2015)

List: Excerpts from Forthcoming Kama Sutra Guide Titles
by Christopher James (5/12/2015)

Home On the Range: Assaulting Misconceptions
by Robert Lawrence (5/12/2015)

Ivan the Terrible’s Public Relations Firm Considers His Rebranding Strategy
by Nathan J. Robinson (5/11/2015)

Hungover Bear and Friends: How to Seduce a Girl, Advice from Love Cheetah, Part 6
by Ali Fitzgerald (5/11/2015)

List: Alternative Health Establishments That Should Be Opened by Characters from Bruce Springsteen Songs
by Liza Behles (5/11/2015)

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