Wanted: Holiday HusbandNew
by Julie Daniel (11/21/2014)

How to Find Love: Lessons from an Old Maid: An Unfortunate Series of Unrequited CrushesNew
by Connie Sun (11/21/2014)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to My Beloved Woolly ArmpitsNew
by Jennifer Burns (11/21/2014)

Rate My Professor’s LovemakingNew
by g c cunningham (11/20/2014)

List: Preliminary Report on the Working Group for the Study of Secret Menu ItemsNew
by Eric Williams (11/20/2014)

Reviews of New FoodNew
by Various New Food Tasters (11/20/2014)

The Stanford Marshmallow Experiment IINew
by Justin Jee (11/19/2014)

List: Jaden Smith, Willow Smith, or William Blake?New
by Walter Carson (11/19/2014)

My Own Private Shock Corridor: The Birth of Nihilism and the Vaporization of MoralsNew
by Bob Schneider (11/19/2014)

Please Stop Spreading Around That Meme of Me Choking On a Grilled Cheese Sandwich
by Chelsea Clarke (11/18/2014)

List: Persons Who Reached the Limits of Their Human Potential Five Minutes Ago
by Kevin Lee (11/18/2014)

Dispatches from Iceland: Mosfellsbær: Walking to Laxness
by Kurt Caswell (11/18/2014)

To Parents Taking Part in the Prospective Student On-Campus Tour
by Charles McLeod (11/17/2014)

Home On the Range: The Taste of Lead
by Robert Lawrence (11/17/2014)

List: AMAs Bookmarked By Single 30-Somethings Who are Fine, Guys, They’re Fine
by Kate Solomon (11/17/2014)

I Just Catfished You, Son
by Jake Bender (11/14/2014)

@thereal_saintfrancis_: State of Grace
by Nick Farrell and Rachel Farrell (11/14/2014)

Norse History for Bostonians: The Prose Edda for Bostonians, Gylfaginning, Part XI
by Rowdy Geirsson (11/14/2014)

Today’s Top Puppy Pictures
by Grant Pardee (11/13/2014)

The Hidden Rich: Who Am I Fooling?
by Jane Dough (11/13/2014)

List: What I Learned at Finishing School
by Marlene Thompson (11/13/2014)

The Boy from Jurassic Park’s College Application Essay
by Julia Drake (11/12/2014)

List: Comments from the Carpenters’ Fall Workshop
by Andrew Bales (11/12/2014)

Teddy Wayne’s Unpopular Proverbs: Horses
by Teddy Wayne (11/12/2014)

Passive-Aggressive Etiquette Tips for the Typical Office
by Elizabeth Green (11/11/2014)

Letters to McSweeney’s
by Various Letter Writers (11/11/2014)

I’d Trade All My Beard and Mustache Championships for One More Moment With Her
by Jeff Vitkun (11/10/2014)

Hungover Bear and Friends: Noble Intentions
by Ali Fitzgerald (11/10/2014)

My Signed Comedy LPs: One Comedy Nerd’s Obsessive Journey: Sarah Silverman
by Dan Pasternack (11/10/2014)

If the “Sitting in a Tree/K-I-S-S-I-N-G” Song Had Gone on Longer and Been Inspired By My Life
by Sam Apple (11/7/2014)

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