Contrapunctualadjective – 1. intentional belatedness with respect to poetic form; 2. my dissertation schedule with respect to my dissertation.

Hegemonkeynoun – 1. apish answer to ideology; 2. tree-dwelling mammal in a suit.

Insistenancenoun – 1. food in the fridge that calls me away from my computer multiple times per day; 2. large portions of cold, leftover pasta.

Inebriaffinatedadjective – 1. the condition in which writing may feel enjoyable; 2. descriptive term for three o’clock in the morning on Sundays.

Notmaladjective – 1. not normal but also, not strange; 2. Dorothy Wordsworth’s relationship with her brother, William Wordsworth.

Onnocencenoun – 1. naïvete about self-stimulation; 2. the Lord Byron’s opinion of John Keats’s poetry.

Parallactaid™noun – 1. over-the-counter requirement for reading the complete works of Slavoj Žižek.

Portionableadjective – 1. a considerable portion.

Perplexionnoun – 1. a knot of irresolvable affective energy; 2. a knot of irresolvable affective energy in my face.

Romantichasmnoun – 1. metaphysical crisis; 2. what William Wordsworth saw before writing the first four stanzas of Intimations Ode.

Supostessnoun – 1. a portmanteau word… with the mostess.

Unsuretynoun – 1. not being certain of requirements, preconditions, obligations, etc., for the undertaking of an enormous task; 2. the nature of my understanding of the guidelines for submitting a dissertation to the graduate department at my university.