David Hart

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Inbox Om (11/5/2013)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to My Two-CD Set of Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew (7/12/2013)

Monologue: I Am Selling Candy for My Basketball Team or My Conceptual Art Project (9/4/2012)

Masterpiece Theatre’s Missed Connections (9/28/2011)

Open Letters: An Open Letter to The Clinging Panther Tattoo on a Middle-Aged Woman’s Arm (7/22/2011)

The John Wooden Pyramid of Success Meets Shaquille O’Neal’s Twitter Feed (4/29/2009)

List: Investment Opportunities for a Weak Economy, Suggested by the Ghost of James Brown (2/27/2009)

List: “Clue” Accusations, 2012 (12/19/2007)

When TV Resembles Reality (1/16/2007)

Bedtime Stories By Thom Yorke (8/23/2006)

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