1. The New World
The team must find a conference room being used by a different team and forcibly expel them. Bonus points if you also give them smallpox.

2. The French Revolution
The team must decide which of their members to guillotine. Bonus points if those selected are from management. Extra bonus points if the team also builds a working guillotine.

3. The Donner Party
The team must agree on which team members to kill and eat first, should the need arise. Extra points to teams that are able to do so unanimously.

4. The French Resistance
The team must successfully blow up a nearby bridge within the allotted time.

5. The Jonestown
Each member of the team is allowed to issue one single order that everyone else in the team must follow.

6. The Lower East Side
The team must graffiti as much of the room as possible. Bonus points if team members also use heroin.

7. The Uber
The team must successfully raise $70B while simultaneously harassing all women in the group.

8. The Trump Cabinet
The team must select one member as the leader, and then spend the remainder of the allotted time sitting in a circle, praising him.

9. The Gig Economy
Each member of the team must successfully hire someone else in the team to take their place in the team-building exercise.