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Bivalve eHarmony Ads
by Kristy Eldredge (7/25/2016)

Who Said It? Donald Trump or Regina George?
by Amber Karlins (7/22/2016)

BreitBard: The Canonical Plays
by Matthew Solomon and Stacey Garratt (7/21/2016)

Final Schedule for the 2016 Republican National Convention
by John Moe (7/18/2016)

What to Say When Your Coworker Forgets the Attachment
by Michael Antoinetti (7/15/2016)

Categories I Divided My Belongings Into Using the KonMari Method
by Valerie Nies (7/14/2016)

17 Signs You’re In a Long-Term Relationship With Iced Coffee
by Micah Osler (7/13/2016)

50 Questions Doctors Ask Instead of Just Asking If I’m Gay
by Grace Perry (7/12/2016)

Etiquette Tips for Women Who Insist on Aging
by Eena Ruffini (7/11/2016)

Things We’ve All Said In a Dressing Room
by Kate Sidley (7/8/2016)

EDM DJ or Hormonal Contraceptive?
by Kim Windyka (7/7/2016)

4 Delicious Twitter Egg Recipes
by Sam Vesti (7/6/2016)

Pros and Cons of Hillary Clinton’s Top 20 Vice-Presidential Candidates
by John Moe (7/5/2016)

How We Celebrate The Fourth of July
by Randal Wetzel (7/4/2016)

Names of Canadian Military Operations
by Jay Welch (7/1/2016)

Millennial Constitutional Amendments
by Zain Khalid (6/30/2016)

An Editor’s Reference List for Positive Feedback
by Chelsey Clammer (6/29/2016)

Casting Notes from the Lilly-White Notepad of a Hollywood Exec
by Tara Campbell (6/28/2016)

Business Ideas Sparked By My Passion for Drinking Monster Energy Drinks
by Alexa Loftus (6/24/2016)

Notable Reviews from My 1982 Diary
by Jocelyn Pihlaja (6/23/2016)

Five Ways to Help a Mother Whose Child is Having a Meltdown in Aisle 14
by Devorah Blachor (6/22/2016)

The Seven Sins of Man
by Sam Pasternack (6/21/2016)

What You’re Actually Saying When You Order a Caesar Salad
by Jenny Dahl (6/20/2016)

Classic Stepdad Jokes
by Brian Polk and Kathleen Chen (6/17/2016)

Rules for My Kids That I Enforce With the Relentlessness of a Starving Wolverine
by Andrew Knott (6/17/2016)

A Helpful Guide to Lesser-Known Religious Affiliations
by Shannon Reed (6/16/2016)

10 Billy Joel Song Titles That Are Also Answers You Give to the Insurance Adjuster Who Suspects You and Your Associates of Arson
by Gustavo Turner (6/15/2016)

Woke Classic Lit
by Maura Quint and Wayne Gladstone (6/14/2016)

What Your Run-In With That Random Acquaintance Says About You
by Madeline Popelka (6/13/2016)

Fitspiration or Charles Manson Quote?
by Kate DeSimone (6/10/2016)

How to Properly Dispose of Your Light Bulbs
by Jeff Loveness (6/9/2016)

17 Nicknames for the Modern Penis
by Becky Mandelbaum (6/8/2016)

An Appraisal of Items In My Therapist’s Office
by Amanda Rosenberg (6/7/2016)

Things Other Than Blatant Racism That May Cause Paul Ryan to Unendorse Donald Trump
by Christopher Monks and John Warner (6/7/2016)

Compliments for the New Roommate
by Daniel Gelb (6/6/2016)

Eight Summer Salads for You to Try Not to Fuck Up, Janet
by Sarah Hutto (6/3/2016)

Best Cellars List
by Jon Methven (6/2/2016)

Modern, Alternate Titles for The Joy of Cooking
by David Byron Queen (6/1/2016)

An Updated List of the Hardest Parts By Mr. Tom Petty, Revising an Earlier Assertion That the Waiting Was the Hardest Part
by John Moe (5/31/2016)

Ways in Which We Swipe Right After 34
by JoJo Franzen (5/27/2016)

Obituaries for Teenage Girls If They Actually Died When They Say They’re Dying
by Karen Chee (5/26/2016)

Things About Bathrooms Actually Worth Getting Upset Over
by Annie Logue, Cynthia Smith McCollum and Stephany Aulenback (5/24/2016)

Drinking Games for Long-Term Couples
by Katie Pecho (5/23/2016)

Executive Notes On TV Shows That Skewed “Too Male.”
by Jennifer Wright (5/20/2016)

Things the World’s Most and Least Privileged People Say
by John-Clark Levin (5/19/2016)

Strange But True Laws From Across the United States
by Daniel Kibblesmith (5/18/2016)

10 Things Squirrels Say
by Emma Hill Kepron (5/17/2016)

Various Members of the Invention Family
by Akshay Bareja (5/16/2016)

Pixies Songs For Now That You’ve Settled Down
by Christian Hayden (5/13/2016)

Honest Airbnb Profiles
by Emma Bushnell (5/12/2016)

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