Readers of this site and of McSweeney’s generally may be aware that this enterprise was named after a real man named Timothy McSweeney. The story of Mr. McSweeney can be read here.

We bring today the news that Timothy McSweeney passed away on January 24.

His family has sent us the following message:

- - -

After a long struggle with illness, Timothy McSweeney passed away on January 24. He was 67 years old.

As a young man, Timothy was an artist of tremendous talent. The canvases he leaves behind are filled with haunting and beautiful imagery. They are also filled with a palpable desire—to be heard, to connect, to be understood better by others and himself. The letters that inspired this journal’s name were a continuation of that same lifelong effort to more intimately know the world and his place within it.

The challenges of Timothy’s life prevented him from achieving this peace. By encouraging and celebrating self-expression, McSweeney’s, its contributors, and its readers already offer the most fitting tribute possible to Timothy’s life. We thank you, and look forward to enjoying what this generous, charitable, and creative community produces, all in the name of our beloved Timothy.

— The McSweeney Family