Episode 1

Addie Bundren encounters Miss Emily by accident in the forest outside Jefferson. Addie is hunting possum with Darl. Miss Emily is burning a crib, wearing her wedding dress and drinking arsenic from a tarnished silver flask. Miss Emily yells “God don’t like ugly” at Darl and calls him “trash.” Addie calls Miss Emily “a worried soul” under her breath, as she and Darl disappear into the woods.

Episode 4

Lennie Snopes looks out the kitchen window, while her husband Abner cleans Major de Spain’s rug with lye. Sarty asks Lennie if he should saddle Papa’s horse, and she tells him, “Hush. He your kin.”

Episode 7

The Bundrens’ goat wanders to the Tulls’ yard. Vardaman tries to retrieve it, and Cora Tull takes him by the shoulders and tells him that "our Lord will return soon and very soon to judge the quick and the dead.” Vardaman cries, and Cora draws a cross on the boy’s forehead with her trembling little finger and tells him to “go and do likewise.” Vardaman runs away.

Episode 12

A pregnant Caddy Compson tries to visit her brother Quentin at Harvard. Her husband Herbert Head has disowned her, and she wants to tell her brother that he was right about him. The train is delayed, and she has sex with a vagabond in the station lavatory. She misses her train and sits in the sun on a bench in front of the station, where two old women refer to her as “unregenerate” within her hearing.

Episode 19

Nancy Mannigoe mutters “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus gonna kill me” over and over while washing the Compson children’s sheets. Mrs. Compson pats her arm and asks her to be quiet.

Episode 24

The ghosts of Ellen and Rosa Coldfield visit Caddy Compson. They try to stroke her hair while she sits dozing on the porch swing. Caddy awakens and thinks it was Benjy stroking her hair. She scolds him, and he cries. Quentin makes Benjy stop crying by setting a wagon on fire.