429 7th Ave., Brooklyn
Sold, 3/12 – 3/22

Miltex Double Sided Mirror, $1.25
Glass Inspection Mirror, $4.50
Wooden box (contents: fluoride tray and one eye setting graph), $7.00
One (1) Double Convex Lens, $3.00
One (1) Plastic Lens, 4" diameter, thermocoated, $3.99
One Scratch Brush, plastic handle, $0.65
One toothbrush, $0.85
Bird Foot: Miniature Pelican, $8.95
One copy: Caring For Your Miniature Donkey, $12.00
Bridal Registry, $40.00
Bag: Shh!, $3.00
Two Stainless Steel B-Grade Molar Caps, $6.00
Music Box, parts, $3.65
Doll, Missing Right Arm, $10.00
Canine Exam Label, $1.00
Canine Dental Exam Label, $0.25
Gavel: Female, $3.50
Doll, Missing Left Arm, $15.00
Wooden box (contents: Miltex double sided mirror and one cougar tongue), 15.95
Jonas Ready-to-Use Jaw Set, Wild Bear, $42.50
Place Ribbon: 1st Place, $1.50
Caring for Your Miniature Donkey, $3.50
Bird Foot: Woodcock, 2/$9.95
Bird Foot: Red Head Woodpecker, $3.95
Bird Foot: Finch, $6.50
Bird Foot: Gambol Quail, $4.95
World History Chart (History of the Entire World), $12.00
Soap, $14.00
Jawbreaker, free to child
Stainless Steel Molar Caps, B Grade, 3/$11.50
Block of Coal, $1.00
CET Chicken Flavor Enzymatic Toothpaste, $5.00
Canine Exam Label, $1.00
Diagnostic Warning Labels: “Seizure Watch”, $1.00/4
Wooden Box (contents: Boy with Towel, w/o One Leg), $29.95
Wooden Box (contents: Steel wool and one (1) cougar tongue), $13.50
Sullivan’s Spray Foam: Ultra-White, $0.65
Wooden Box (contents: one small violin and a rubber band), $22.50
Jonas Ready-to-Use Jaw Set, Kit Fox, $12.00
Bird Foot, Lowly Pigeon, $8.50
Plastic Lens, thermocoated, $4.00
Double Convex Lens, $6.00
Music Box, parts, $1.25
Music Box, parts, $3.50
Small Rubber Cube, $.10
Wooden Box (contents: dirt), $6.00
Victorian Settee, $11.00
Proportion Wheel, human, $14.00
Bag, Shh!, $7.00
Medical Tuning Fork, D, in glass bottle: $2.00
Bird Foot, Miniature Pelican, $4.50
Bird Foot, Falcon, $13.50
Safety Ferret Lead and Harness, $0.50
Carpenter’s Wood Marker, $0.10
Large Jawbreaker, free to child
Large Jawbreaker, free to child
Golden ring in hand sewn pouch, free to child
Wooden Box, (contents: one block of coal and three glass bottles), $7.00
Bareback Riding Pad, Tailbone Protection, Brown Suede, $8.00
Rigid Chipmunk Manikin, $11.00
Glass Eye, Kit Fox, $1.25
Flowers, artificial, $0.25
Canine Exam Label, $0.45
Toothbrush, $1.25
Scratch Brush, plastic handle, $.025
Cougar tongue, $3.00
Mountain Lion Tongue, gift
Bird Foot, Falcon, $13.50
O-Haus Weight, 1000 kg, $6.50
Music Box, parts, $2.50
Large Jawbreaker, free to child
Jar of springs, $2.50
Jar of washers, Medium, $0.25
Double Convex Lens, $1.00
Canine Grooming Stickers, Groom, $0.25
Gavel, male, $9.99