NewsBoy goes on hiatus after the final episode of this season’s order, in which he acquires a girlfriend and his availability for sweeps stunts and steamy subplots becomes drastically reduced.

Meghan, unfortunately, will not be returning to the schedule next season following her departure to join the cast of Boston. Look for her to return, however, in a new series, MBAGrad, about a young upwardly mobile woman trying to cope with her friends’ resentment and salary envy.

Family. This perennial favorite gets relief from a tired subplot involving Ben’s double-girlfriend conflict with the arrival of Austin, the new nephew. Though Austin is not yet a speaking role, look for this young actor to grow into the part. A special season finale will feature Kelly’s Costa Rican honeymoon, when the entire cast will join the newlyweds on location. Also, a fall sweeps event will feature my cousin’s impending nuptials.

MyJob. This prime-time workhorse somehow stuck it out for nearly four seasons, despite critical evisceration and a recent ratings plunge. But it was only a matter of time before this pedestrian effort suffered the same fate as the rest of the overpopulated job genre. The network has not yet announced whether it will air the remaining episodes of MyJob, after which severance kicks in.

LitigatorMan has been cancelled after a grim three episodes. Viewers just couldn’t make the investment in LitigatorMan, whom many felt was miscast, though he struggled valiantly with rather unbelievable plots and groaner dialogue such as “I’m really a very shy person” and “I know this great place downtown that serves saketinis.”

Alcohol. Enchantment with this network staple persists despite protests from several watchdog groups and morality mongers. Executives are considering scaling back Alcohol’s current five nights a week to three or four installments, leaving plum time slots open for newcomers Scrabble and Exercise.

Friends. This popular comedy will continuing airing on another network. I do not personally know anyone on this show, but it’s worth mentioning because they seem just like people I would know for real here in New York City!!

IRS. Perhaps looking to fill the timeslot vacated by MyJob, programming honchos are considering extending this series’ run through August. Stunt casting such as Robert Pickett and Schedule C has injected new life into this dramedy. The series still plans its usual April 15 cliffhanger, though this year’s could be a real nail-biter with contract negotiations ongoing.