Everyone has a unique intersection of knowledge that helps define him or her as an individual. If, for instance, instead of Math and Verbal, the two sections of the SAT had been Donkey Kong Jr. and the 1987 Utica Blue Jays, the Brain Exploder no doubt would have debuted in the Harvard Lampoon and not on page twelve of the University of Arizona Daily Wildcatter. In keeping with this week’s Lady Into Fox theme, we’re looking for someone with intimate knowledge of both small woodland mammals and stand-up comedy during the Johnson Administration.

Which of the following chapter (or subchapter) headings were taken from the nature text Red Fox: The Catlike Canine by J. David Henry, which were taken from the celebrity biography Redd Foxx, B.S. (Before Sanford) by Joe X. Price, and which four did we just make up? Send your answers by noon on Tuesday, February 17. The winner of a copy of the latest Collins Library title, Lady Into Fox, will be chosen at random from entries with the most correct answers.

1. Growing Up Fox(x) Style
2. The Aisle
3. The Big Roast
4. The Campaign Against Rabies
5. The End of an Era
6. Token White
7. The Masterful Fox(x)
8. Small Burrowing Mammals
9. Catskill Roadkill
10. The Fat and the Lean of It
11. The Big Cry
12. Lagomorphs
13. Rules of Parenting
14. Cutting Your Losses
15. Boom Time
16. Take and Thou Shall Give
17. The Fox(x) Takes a Vix(x)en
18.The Way It Was
19. Keeping Things Straight
20. Red(d)’s Pinch Hitter
21. A Smorgasbord of Stimuli
22. Cosby Orders a Hit
23. Into the Fire
24. Notes from the Underground
25. Does the Fox(x) Ever Ignore the Urine Marks?
26. Up the Down Escalator
27. Gershry from the Other Side
28. ____ ____ ____ ____ Utah!
29. Arboreal Prey
30. Habitat for Hilarity

- - -


With twenty correct answers, the winner of a McSweeney’s book is Brian Burke. At the end of his entry, Brian asks the Brain Exploder:

“Who or What is Gershry (No. 27)? I may have been wrong in placing Gershry in the Made Up column, but for all I can tell no such thing as Gershry has ever existed. My uncle was an architect named Frank who lived in the Chocolate Regions of Pennsylvania. So maybe it’s him.”

Well, Brian, we no longer have the Redd Foxx book in front of us (we had to travel to a library four towns over just to find it in the first place) but we remember that it was a reference to some particular individual’s pronunciation of "Jersey"as in “New Jersey.”If you still can’t sleep until you find out exactly who spoke with that particular dialect we’ll just make something up to make you feel better: It was Eddie Fisher.

No one, incidentally, correctly identified all four fictional chapters, a fact of which we are inappropriately proud. Paul Elsberg is the only reader to get three of them; he also scored 19 of 30 on the quiz, just one short of our winner.

To satisfy your curiosity, here are the correct answers (as a key, we will use a clever system devised by Erik Moe for his entry, which included a respectable 18 of 30 correct answers):

1. Growing Up Fox(x) Style: FOX
2. The Aisle: FOXX
3. The Big Roast: FOXX
4. The Campaign Against Rabies: FOX
5. The End of an Era: FOXX
6. Token White: FOXX
7. The Masterful Fox(x): FOX
8. Small Burrowing Mammals: FOX
9. Catskill Roadkill: FAUX
10. The Fat and the Lean of It: FOXX
11. The Big Cry: FOXX
12. Lagomorphs: FOX
13. Rules of Parenting: FOX
14. Cutting Your Losses: FOX
15. Boom Time: FOXX
16. Take and Thou Shall Give: FOX
17. The Fox(x) Takes a Vix(x)en: FAUX
18. The Way It Was: FOXX
19. Keeping Things Straight: FOX
20. Red(d)’s Pinch Hitter: FOXX
21. A Smorgasbord of Stimuli: FOX
22. Cosby Orders a Hit: FAUX
23. Into the Fire: FOXX
24. Notes from the Underground: FOXX
25. Does the Fox(x) Ever Ignore the Urine Marks?: FOX
26. Up the Down Escalator: FOXX
27. Gershry from the Other Side: FOXX
28. ____ ____ ____ ____ Utah!: FOXX
29. Arboreal Prey: FOX
30. Habitat for Hilarity: FAUX