Q: So, you are the groundskeeper for this small-town cemetery in Marysville?

Keller: [Confused as to why I am asking this in person, when I seemed to know this after talking to him twice on the phone to schedule this interview.]

Q: Yes, you are. I’m asking for the tape recorder.

Keller: [Hands me the tape recorder.]

Q: No, I mean… for the record.

Keller: This is for a record?

Q: I mean I’m asking you that question for the record.

Keller: This for the Internet, right?

Q: The record just means like, you know, it’s on file or whatever. It’s, like, okay to print if you say it’s on the record. But yeah, it’s for a literary website.

Keller: You mean helping kids read?

Q: Sort of. I mean it’s more adults than kids, really.

Keller: An adult website?

Q: No. It’s uh, like, a writing website.

Keller: I don’t think death is good for a kid’s website, and I think it’s a little weird if it’s for a porno thing.

Q: Oh… yeah, I know. Okay. So, what’s the strangest part of your job?

Keller: Well, what do you think? It’s a cemetery, so… that’s the strangest thing about it.

Q: Right, I just mean…

Keller: That’s like asking a prison warden, “What is unique about the place where you work, sir?” [Switches to “stupid guy” type of voice to answer his own question.] “Well, duhhhh… let’s see. What’s unique about the place where I work? Duhhh… it’s a prison.”

Q: I know, I just mean… like, what’s the… strangest part of your job, I guess?

Keller: Okay, well… that’s the strangest part.

Q: Right. The strangest part is the cemetery part?

Keller: Well, it’s not the landscaping. A lot of people mow lawns.

Q: Yeah.


Q: Okay, well…

Keller: I guess I’m just not sure what you want to know.

Q: No, I know. I guess… just. Well, actually this is fine. Maybe I’ll call you later if I think of something else. But, yeah. Okay. Thanks.