Yo fam. 😎 Lol. Sup, we’re Yo! Gurt! A yogurt for teens, fams, crews and squads. Sure, we’re organic and fat-free but that doesn’t’ mean we can’t #netflixandchill with our side pieces. See, we’re not just any old yogurt brand, we’re the hottest, freshest Yogurt brand IN. DA. WORLD. #MicDrop

Yeah, you heard us right! 👂In 2018, brands need to be able to talk to audiences organically, use their lingo, blend in, otherwise they come across as a bunch of stiff, old suits trying to make a hard sell to teens. 👎

Not us, at Yo! Gurt!, we produce organic yogurt, content, and a tone of voice that teens organically connect with. From celebrating cultural holidays to supporting social movements like Gay Pride, Yo! Gurt! keeps it lit AF. We’re pro LGBTQ and probiotic!

While other yogurt brands are hitting the grocery store shelves, we’re hitting clubs, music festivals and skateparks. Our social media presence is basically indiscernible from any other teen on the internet. We use hashtags, and emojis, we throwback Thursdays and we even do the hottest dances like the Dougie. Yup, we keep it 💯. 100% fat-free and organic, that is! #winning

We may have started as a modest family-owned Turkish yogurt company, but we’ve traded our dairy cows in for dank memes and dabs. Why? Because yogurt has an expiration date and so do cultural trends. Now, Yo! Gurt! is relevant, retweetable, and ready for the refrigerator! 🤙

Before we added the exclamation points to our company name, our marketing campaigns featured women eating yogurt before the gym or as a snack at the office. But we’re done shamelessly pandering to women, so instead, we’ve remixed our brand identity and social media presence to chillax with the #fam.

In fact, we don’t even like to think of ourselves as a yogurt brand anymore; we’re a lifestyle brand. Which is why we are also creating our own line of yogurt streetwear apparel, complete with fanny packs, hoodies, fidget spinners, and even yogurt flavored vape pens! #vapelife #doyouevenvape

Real talk. Yo! Gurt! is rad. We’re 4 realz. We’re modern and sometimes a little edgy 👀. Yeah, we know what crews everywhere want: fresh content and even fresher yogurt in their refrigerators. 🔥🔥🔥#thestruggleisreal #icanteven #lit #dope #fam #squadgoals #hustle #delish #yaaasss #micdrop #netflixandchill #thedougie #literally #hashtag #millenials #genz #fitfam #FTW#DTR #squadup #tbt #winning #swag #selfie #blessed #bae #turnup #turnt #yolo #FML #turndownforwhat #sorrynotsorry