From the makers of Fictonaut, the breakthrough novel-writing software that brought you effortless characters and stress-free plotlines, comes Memoirism, a new writing program destined to turn your life into the story you’ve always known it could be. Memoirism is perfect if you’re new to autobiographical writing and want an easy and enjoyable way to tell your story without necessarily having to live it. The software allows you to create memories that appear up to 99% accurate, so you can focus on your home, school, or work. Whether you are a parent, student, retiree, or busy multi-tasker, you can use Memoirism in lieu of reliving actual memories, let alone having actual experiences. It also makes a great gift!

How it works

Memoirism employs a set of algorithms for manufacturing memoirs. At its most basic level of functionality, the software pairs personal triumphs and/or traumas with the relationships that provide their human face in a new and noteworthy way, ensuring that your memoir will be as rewarding as it is marketable.

First, you select a possible subject from a list of triumphs or, in this instance, traumas: witnessing or committing a murder, the startling or drawn out death or disease of a loved one, reconciling with childhood abuse or neglect, recovering from addiction or mental illness, to name just a few. Then, Memoirism generates a series of possible relationships in which your trauma might play out: a daughter witnesses a mother stab an intruder, a brother seeks revenge on his sister’s killer, a father is convicted for a murder he didn’t commit, a nephew for a murder he did, two strangers agree to poison each other should either become terminally ill.

But the process can also run in reverse! By first selecting the relationship you wish to write about, father-son for example, Memoirism will produce a number of exciting and unique scenarios, sure to spark your reader’s interest and excite your writerly skill: a father recounts his son’s rare autoimmune disorder, a son grieves over his father’s sudden death in a freak accident, a grown man confronts his adoptive father about the abuse he inflicted, an estranged father and son meet in a mental health ward and forge a new bond.

And your memoir doesn’t have to stop there. Memoirism can also create complex character files, chapter outlines, and narrative arcs. It can even connect you with an agent!

What people are saying

“I always thought memoirs were for people with hard lives. Memoirism has shown me that I can have shitty things happen to me too, but without the mess! And as a busy mother of four, that’s just what I need. Thanks, Memoirism!” — Debbie, 37, Homemaker, Fort Worth, Texas

“If there is a formula for writing a memoir, these guys have found it.”— Jonathan, 28, Stock Analyst, New York City

“Anybody with a computer and some baggage can churn out a sob story. But Memoirism shows that memories don’t have to be painful. They don’t have to be memories at all.” — Lucia, 63, Psychologist, Lincoln, Nebraska

“Where is the thinking here? There isn’t any, thank god!” — Stephen, 55, Crime Novelist, Sanford, Florida


The makers of Memoirism and its parent company, Craftwork, LLC, do not discount or discredit any actual difficult and/or rewarding experiences. In fact, our sophisticated software owes a real debt to memoirists throughout history, whose formulas have been aggregated into Memoirism’s complex algorithms, which provide the widest and clearest possible picture of the narrative frames (and their accompanying ethical, social, metaphysical, etc., dimensions) into which real human subjects fit their lives. However, any resemblance between the scenarios created by Memoirism and real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

And coming this Christmas!

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