Username: txk 1210870
Site: Netflix user reviews
Location: LA
Sex: Female
Family status: Married with children
Year of birth: “70s, 80s”
Nicknames for Netflix: Netwitt, Nitwitt

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Review of Dark Remains (2 stars):
i already sent this yesterday on 4/8. i should have my other two movies, I did not get today. this movies has jump part. it is okay

Review of Sesame Street: Elmo’s World: Elmo Has Two! Hands, Ears & Feet (1 star):
this one is boring. I already ordered elmo and other one same day on tuesday. We sent back on wednesday and then on thursday i supported to get two new movie plus elmo because elmo was damage. they did not sent on thursday because they delayed dvds. Friday came and they only give me one new movie and elmo as second one that is not fair. That really suck. i only got one new movie and elmo. It is not my fault elmo dvd was damage.i should have two new movies plus elmo since it is damage. my kid was waiting to watched it and it is damaged so I returned. i should have 4 movies in one week. you messed me up and now i only have 3 in one week

Review of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (4 stars):
This is very good movie. If you like mummy one and two. you will like this one. Thank you for get me another DVD. My son now can watched his education dvd that is not a damaged dvd. I liked this one as well. I liked first and second the best of all. This one as good as other mummy movie. i love Jet Lee. I love his movies and his acting. i am his number one fan.

Review of The Human Stain (1 star):
i alway got eihter damage DVD or scratched. i wish there is way DVD is not damage or scratched. Can you bring me a good dvd please?

Review of Taking Lives (3 stars):
Human stain has delivered to me twice and it is stilled damaged. This is not a proffessional for customer liked me to be treated this way. I got same movie damaged twice and i have even watched yet. THis is upset me so. i feel so angry and outraged by this kind of treatment. I want to watched this movie now i cannot. i just got it today on same dvd and i opened and i find out it is damaged again.

Review of Instinct (3 stars):
I like this movie, but there is a problem. they sent me a dvd that is skipped so many times. I don’t liked it. i want gived me another one

Review of Learn to Read with Phonics: Vol. 1: Letters and Words (1 star):
This is boring dvd i have ever seen. my son is not interested. I have lost 3 movies because you guys are an idot, stupid, lazy people. it is not my fault that dvd is damaged and skipped and because dvd is skipped or damaged. i have to replaced that damaged dvd that three new supported come on saturday never came. you guys are lazy people

Review of Underdog (2 stars):
It is okay. My one old son watched it most of it. he did not interested as i thought he would be.i know he liked dogs. It was entertainment, but as end of the movie i did not liked it. it was black all way to end of movie and that got me upset. What kind of movie that was all black at end of movie? The movie was not ended yet. i can hear voice, but I dont see anything at all. i was disappointed. I thought this movie was cute until ended of movie. I thought it was redicious because i did not see a vision of movie, but i can only see voiced of it

Review of Sleepwalkers (1 star):
This company cannot do anything right. This is 8 times dvds are broken or scratched. I am disappointed with this company and the way they sent this dvds to us without even noticed it is broken or scratched.

Review of Kundun (1 star):
this is suck to have so many times dvds are broken or skipped and stilled continued to sent these kinds of dvds to us. This is not fair for me because i paid to get good qualities products. i am unhappy customers because i have been sent nothing but bad dvds. THis is not a way to treated a customers. I hope they will be out of business soon.

Review of Double Jeopardy (1 star):
i always has problem these people. This like 10 or even more they have sent me bad DVDS. i am not very happy about it. i did not watched this movie yet. They just sent me DVDS and now one is broken. Sometimes they keep sent Broken dvd back to me three times. i hate this company. My husband does not like it either, but he wants to watched a movies. i wish they stop with this redicious. i paid so i can watched a movie and now i cannot because they keep one sent me bad one all times

Review of The Marsh (3 stars):
good movie. I like it. Sorry about blame to your company. the problem is post office keeps on broken DVD. i just feel upset. i know post office should be blame on their irresponsible delivered especially fractual stuffs.

Review of Two Lovers (1 star):
OMG, This is so sucks. There is no volume on this movie, but when there is volume you cannot bear hear what they are saying. I hope fixed volume on this movie. I cannot enjoy this movie at all. I watched just little and right then i turn off. It is ridicious.

Review of Phenomenon (1 star):
i have problem watching this movie. I dont know it is movie or my internet. it is a boring movie to me or maybe i cannot enjoy it because pictures are not clear and sound is terrible.

Review of The Perfect Sleep (1 star):
There is so sound on this movie. This is suck because i could not enjoy the movie.

Review of Carolina (2 stars):
This company give me many problems with DVDS. I dont like that and i am tire of complain here.

Review of Blindness (2 stars):
i thought it was interesting story, but the story line is boring. I lost volume after half of movie until end they bring back the volume. It was terrible that these people lost their sight and enforce to do unthinkable things.

Review of Orphan (1 star):
i have wait for this movie for 6 months now. I still have watch it yet. Come on why is this take so long and so is my other movie. They away mess us up with broken dvd, scratches to take too long for movie to be rent. I should rent blockbuster

Review of Backwoods (3 stars):
i thought this movie was pretty good. It is same as bloodline expected the fact the women have to fight each other to get that breast. Now I know that North California is scary place to be… but is there any place that is not scare?

Review of Shallow Hal (1 star):
so many times they have sent me a broken DVDS or scratched. I am so sick of this crap. How can you make business if you sent me like this?

Review of Tom and Jerry: The Movie (1 star):
it is horrible for this company to keep on messed up DVD after DVD.I am so upset. They gave me wrong one with different DVD and now my kid cannot watched it.I will never trusted them at all. They are horrible to me.

Review of Tom and Jerry: Paws for a Holiday (1 star):
Too bad they don’t have negative for these rate. They have sent me another broken DVD.I hate this. I have been so angry at these people for not been considered to the customers.i supported to have three sent it at time, but every time they messed up i lost a DVD. NEVER I appreciated F%ucking This company

Review of The Betrayed (1 star):
they have sent me last week one by one dvd. i keep on missing a couple
dvd and now they are sent me 2 this week. I have 3 dvd. THis sucks. F%uck a#ss

Review of Kira’s Reason: A Love Story (1 star):
i think this is boring movie i had watched. I could not recommend anyone. A woman who has psychological problem and tried to fixed her marriage with her husband and deals with her husbands infidelity. There is something else and that is death of someone which i am confused. Maybe a child

Review of The House of the Devil (1 star):
netwitt keeps pop on same movise i watched already. I always ended up watching twice.

Review of Arizona (1 star):
There is something wrong with this movie. The real title of the movie is Maintenance Man

Review of Scooby-Doo Where Are You?: Season 3 (3 stars):
i did not have this DVD.It supposed to be here yesterday and now it is still not here.That is silly….that DVD is late..or cracked on DVD cannot play…I am sick in tired of this.

Review of The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie (1 star):
i have a problem watching this yesterday….and other day kid would not watch it so i have to give him another movie to watch…I have problem with many movie Nitwitt has giving me..Instant or movie sent home..They are idiot.

Review of Maid in Manhattan (3 stars):
i am not Jennifer Lopez fan, but i think she is worst actress i had ever seen..I like this movie so i gave 3 stars due to the fact i like Cinderella story..I wish that happen to me..I guess everyone is waiting for their prince charming..i thought this story was just cute to see..Does this really happen in real life? for most person who believe it i know i am and that wish that really happen to them

Review of Jack and Sarah (1 star):
i did not enjoy it at all on this movie or Maid of Manhattan because it keep on frozen and it is not script. This happen to me twice today and other times as well. Why Nitwitt fix this?…it is annoying.

Review of Bizarre Foods: Collection 1 (1 star):
this suck. NItwitt frozen my shows or pass it without even asking. Now I cannot see this show..I am mad.

Review of Dumbo (1 star):
This is old movie. Nitwitt still don’t have this movie for me. I had been waiting for long time..This movie has been save more than 4 months now and i still did not have it.

Review of Aberration (2 stars):
Nitwit is idot. I changed my DVD from 3 to 1.Now they put back 3
DVD.What s is this all about? Now i will be charged until january for more money. I need to call those idot to fix this crap

Review of Scourge (2 stars):
I cannot tell you what this movie is about because i really don’t remember much.