Dispatches From Roy Kesey, An American Guy Married to a Peruvian Diplomat Living in China

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Having spent the previous eight years living in Peru, where he married a beautiful diplomat (Lu) and sired two children (Chloe and Thomas), Roy Kesey (a writer with short stories in McSweeney’s Issues 6, 9, and_15_) has moved to China, where his wife will begin her first foreign assignment at the Peruvian embassy in Beijing.

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Dispatch 32: Right Goodbyes (5/3/2008)

Dispatch 31: Jinling (2/5/2008)

Dispatch 30: Mongolia on Paper (8/22/2007)

Dispatch 29: Harbin, Part III, (4/6/2006)

Dispatch 28: Harbin, Part II (3/22/2006)

Dispatch 27: Harbin, Part I (3/9/2006)

Dispatch 26: Dust (2/21/2006)

Dispatch 25: Of Things, and Their End: Nanchang and Environs, Part V: Jingdezhen (12/10/2005)

Dispatch 24: Bonus Waterfall Climbing Edition! (Wherein No Waterfalls Are Climbed): Nanchang and Environs, Part IV: The End of Lushan (11/26/2005)

Dispatch 23: Nanchang and Environs, Part III: More Lushan (8/14/2005)

Dispatch 22: Nanchang and Environs, Part II: Day 1 in Lushan (8/3/2005)

Dispatch 21: Nanchang and Environs, Part I (7/31/2005)

Dispatch 20: The Lunar Year, New, Again (1/31/2005)

Dispatch 19: Urination and Explosives (12/14/2004)

Dispatch 18: Five Things I Like (10/22/2004)

Dispatch 17: The Sidewalk (9/14/2004)

Dispatch 16: Bonus Golf Edition! (8/13/2004)

Dispatch 15: Fish-trap (7/3/2004)

Dispatch 14: Beijing Intimacies: Zhang Si, Traffic-Control Specialist (5/11/2004)

Dispatch 13: Snow (4/13/2004)

Dispatch 12: Some Sounds (3/15/2004)

Dispatch 11: Spooky (2/22/2004)

Dispatch 10: Bonus Skiing Edition! (1/19/2004)

Dispatch 9: Christmas and Karaoke (12/23/2003)

Dispatch 8: Certain Gatherings, and a Fetish (12/5/2003)

Dispatch 7: Scattered (11/15/2003)

Dispatch 6: If the Market Near My House Were a Baseball Game, and You Were a Fan (10/13/2003)

Dispatch 5: Imagining What Is Said (6/30/2003)

Dispatch 4: Part of What It Means To Be the Husband of a Diplomat (5/22/2003)

Dispatch 3: Bonus Gymnastics Edition! (4/8/2003)

Dispatch 2: Arriving in China (4/7/2003)

Dispatch 1: The Getting There: Lima to Beijing via Washington D.C. and Northern California (3/18/2003)

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