I Like Big Brass and I Cannot Lie: Confessions from the Tuba World

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Elizabeth Eshelman grew up in a family of tuba players and staged her grand rebellion by majoring in English instead of music. It was too late, though; by college, she’d already been playing the tuba for six years, and now, several years out from an MFA in fiction, she’s at work on a novel about love, vocation, the meaning of life, and—the tuba world. She can’t help it. It’s genetic.

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You Tuba Players Can’t Deny (8/29/2014)

Ode to My Tuba (8/7/2014)

Enough Tuba Talk—Let’s Listen (7/22/2014)

Real Men Bring Their Own Shade (7/3/2014)

Bellows of Discontent: The Art of the Orchestral Excerpt (5/27/2014)

Theme and Variations on the 2014 North American Brass Band Association Competition (4/30/2014)

Riding the Air Stream (3/25/2014)

Glamour, Tuba-Style (3/4/2014)

Principles of the Species (2/11/2014)

A Whole Universe of Music (1/17/2014)

Poets of the Band (12/6/2013)

How the Tubas Stole Christmas (11/13/2013)

The Life of a Tuba Sister (10/18/2013)

Tuba, or Not Tuba? That is the Question (9/26/2013)

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