Support Racial Justice Orgs

The movement for racial justice needs you at protests, and needs you to vote — but it also could use your donations. There are so many organizations that have long been in the fight, and now more than ever, they need your funds to keep the momentum. Here’s the beginning of a list we’ll be adding to regularly.

It’s All Greek to Me:
A Column on Sororities in the South


Mary Marge Locker is an English major at the University of Mississippi, but she dropped her only English class this semester. Because of this, she has time to focus on the more important things in life, like social organizations. She wants to be in a sorority and doesn’t know why. Maybe so she can snag herself a frat-daddy. Maybe so she can have friends. Or maybe just so she can be associated with something. So yeah, Mary Marge attends a university to which she does not belong, because no girl is any girl at Ole Miss until she’s found herself—and made a home for herself—in a sorority.