The Chorus Boy Chronicles

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From the age of 3 to the age of 23, Brian Spitulnik was sure of one thing: he wanted to be a Broadway dancer. When he was 24, he was cast in the long-running revival of Chicago. Since then, he has regularly worn black mesh before thousands of people. Now the only thing Brian is sure of is that he isn’t 24 anymore.

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- - - -
Death of a Chorus Boy, Foretold, Part Two (8/30/2012)

Death of a Chorus Boy, Foretold, Part One (8/13/2012)

Grin and Bare It, Part Two: The Slow Dance (7/24/2012)

Blue, Baby, So Very Blue (6/7/2012)

The Daily Grind (5/18/2012)

The Ballad of Jason Patrick Sands (4/30/2012)

Love, Implied (4/10/2012)

Passover and Over and Over (3/21/2012)

I’m a Swinger Here Myself (3/1/2012)

A Bandit, Full and Hollow (2/9/2012)

Of Mice and Mensches (1/20/2012)

Gone, Over the Rainbow, Back Soon (1/3/2012)

I Will Love You While You Do (12/6/2011)

Hello, Love (11/16/2011)

Any Way You Want It (10/28/2011)

Grin and Bare It (10/11/2011)

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