Support Racial Justice Orgs

The movement for racial justice needs you at protests, and needs you to vote — but it also could use your donations. There are so many organizations that have long been in the fight, and now more than ever, they need your funds to keep the momentum. Here’s the beginning of a list we’ll be adding to regularly.

The Peculiar Arab Chronicles


Nour is an Egyptian girl in her late teens; she is an Asian-sized person with a very long tongue. This description is neither literal nor perverted; it’s an Arabic metaphor for the tendency to be a smart ass with no manners. How she is so small is one of the world’s wonders, because if food were a crime, she would most certainly get life without the possibility of parole, if not the death penalty (death by sautéing, I presume). She likes and dislikes way too many things. Oh, and she is not big on charity.