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Lucy Corin's One Hundred Apocalypses and Other Apocalypses is out today!

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Traveling Europe in Style With Auckland Dingiroo, Dark-Age Tourist and Critic of Food and Drink

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Please be advised that Mr. Dingiroo is not recommended as a travel guide by AAA.

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Miserable Roads (12/19/2012)

Column 13: Abandoning Your Family (6/1/2011)

Visiting War Torn Regions (4/6/2010)

The Pleasure Cruise (7/17/2009)

People I’ve Met (5/15/2009)

Bad Omens (3/19/2009)

Mystics, Hermits, and Prophets (1/28/2008)

Commerce In Foreign Lands (11/14/2007)

Noteworthy Cures For Maladies (8/3/2007)

Avoiding Tainted Food (4/17/2007)

Where Not to Go (1/31/2007)

Avoiding Mongol Capture (11/17/2006)

Post-Plague Paris: Still Has Much to Offer (11/16/2005)

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