Your Money… Your Job… Your Life, With Alison Rosen

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Nervous about your career and finances during this time of economic upheaval? Alison Rosen is here to help. Although she possesses neither an MBA from Wharton nor a Ph.D. in economics from MIT, she’s really good at that carnival game where you have to roll the bowling ball just hard enough so that it’ll go over the first hump but not the second. From time to time, Ms. Rosen will offer us her sage advice, as well as any quick-pick lottery numbers she has an especially good feeling about.

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Column 6: The Importance of Passion in the Workplace (10/7/2010)

Column 5: You Can Haz Rewarding Career! (or Maybe: “Use Internet Slang to Sound Relevant”) (7/1/2010)

Column 4: Poverty is Wonderful (or, Why You Should Be Grateful to Be Poor) (9/17/2009)

Column 3: How to Raise Your Spirits During These Dire Times (4/29/2009)

Column 2: Ten Easy Ways to Jump-Start Your Finances (4/7/2009)

Column 1: The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Getting and Keeping a Job in This Economy (3/25/2009)

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