The “frozen junebug” image could mean something like “alienation”
Without using the word. Maybe the image could also be
A sign of love. What is a sign of love? Not practical
Like stop, yield, or even merge. Therefore, art like a postcard
Of Philadelphia. The world would not be a better place if love signs
Were placed like speed limits on purple heart highways or “Sorry we’re open”

Signs on stores or private residences whose doors you can open
Without ringing a bell. But I’ll skip the image and jump into “alienation”
As if it’s a theme or argument I’ll cling to until the feeling signs
Its name and is finished off by thought—for how can you truly be
Alienated when most everyone you know plays that card
Like hearts on their sleeves which would be highly practical

If cops wrote you love tickets for speeding through the practical
In hopes of getting it out of the way, out into the open
Where the image of love is left in the honky-tonk where they card
You for the privilege of drinking yourself out of it. So maybe alienation
Is closer to true love than all the drunkenness that makes you think you can be
All that you can be, in the army arms of one, according to the advertising signs

But you can’t even tell what they’re selling anymore. Someone signs
His life away, another her dreams, and why? Because the practical
Speaks softly and carries a big stick. Pragmatism, baby! Go on, be
A possum. You can pretend the foundation’s solid, the earth won’t open
And swallow you up, and leave you ecstatic, transcendent. Ah, but alienation
Is what they’ll call it, because to them you can’t live in reality without a card

So the fear of transcendence or alienation could be that social security card
Like in that long-haired early-1970s Jesus-rock song that protests against signs.
That guy who sings it is wild and free and doesn’t struggle with alienation.
He’s so fun-loving as he mocks private property, it might even seem a practical
Alternative to what The Clash would call “the clampdown” to the kid who’s open
And searching for some kind of better way; who just can’t resign himself to be

Like his parents. It’s possible! Yes! But the god of sky and rock and roll may be
Jealous as well; dammit! And besides, after a while Jesus will have to produce a card
Or at least some miracles to prove he can be in but not of “this world,” which is open,
But only for business, alas, unless we can prove that the guy who wrote “Signs”
In his early 20s managed not to get crucified and eked out a modest, practical,
Existence, on faith, and if so, why couldn’t one 30 years younger embrace alienation

As if it’s (junebug) love or (frozen) fun or a get out of jail free card? Could it be
That times have changed so much? If you look at the practical signs, sure;
But if you’re alienated from an already alien nation, that leaves it more open, no?