The Burgeoning Sad Cat Lady

Cat litter, Fancy Feast, Crane Lake Riesling, tampons.

The Dissertation Writer

Café Bustelo, Saltines, 12-pack of PBR, carton of Marlboro Reds.

The Nostalgist

A loaf of bread, a container of milk, a stick of butter, a carton of Marlboro Reds.

The Drunk

Doritos, Beef Jerky (regular), 12-pack of Sam Adams, what is that? Butterfinger? Yeah, give me one of those. No, two.

The Drunk Burgeoning Sad Cat Lady

Artisanal Doritos, beef jerky (teriyaki), Crane Lake Moscato, the last donut left in the rack, light bulbs.

The Dying Alone, Standard

Frozen chicken fingers, canned peaches, Crane Lake Moscato, condoms,1 two packs of Camel Lights.

The Dying Alone, Fancy

Frozen tamales, Saltines, hummus, Riesling in a blue bottle, Virginia Superslim Lights. No, the purple ones, not the burgundy ones, those are regulars. No, those are menthols. Yes, the purple ones, on the left—those, yes. Thank you.

The Dying Alone,
But at a Much Later Date
Than Those Other Losers

Healthy Choice Turkey & Sweet Potatoes, kale for some reason, 1.5 Liter Barefoot Moscato, and one pack of Virginia Superslim lights—for a friend.

This Party Was Fancy For Adults, But Now It’s Dying and We Have Fifteen Minutes Until the Store Closes

12-pack Sam Adams or whatever, 1.5 liter of that sweet one with the foot on it, a bottle of the red kangaroo one, two packs American Spirit Yellows, 1 pack Virginia Superslim Menthols (No, not the blue ones—those are lights. The green ones. On the right. No… Yes, those. Thank you.), two packs Camel Lights, 1 pack Virginia Superslim Purp… you know what, just give me one more of the Camel Lights. Thanks. And this gum.

- - -

1 Optional, but wholly unnecessary.